On Violent Impoverishments and Redistribution Through Collective Solidarities

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MAGGIE DICKINSON: we’re in this moment where there’s been a resurgence of white nationalism in this really sort of abrupt way in the U.S. but then globally also. You know we’re starting to see these nationalist movements in Europe and America in the midst of what has been, obviously, a decades long rise in inequality, deepening of poverty. And so, I think, my understanding is that the thought is to have some conversations to be thinking about: people who are researchers, what are the questions we should be asking? How should we be asking them? What should we be doing in this moment? […] what are the priority research topics on impoverishment that we should be focused on in this moment?

NIKHIL SINGH: Well I’ll talk from my own experience and work. I don’t want to speak for all scholars in general, or tell people what I think they should be doing, as much as kind of describe what we’ve decided to do. We have formed here a prison education program at NYU. And we not only have a degree-granting College in Prison program in an upstate prison in Wallkill, New York – where we have about 50 students enrolled at all times. But we also made a commitment when we started the program that we were going to work with students when they got out of prison.

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