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Relational Poverty Research by RPN Members

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The Cultural Politics of Representation, Global Development and Developmental Disabilities in the United States: Digital Mapping as a Cultural Studies Methodology

January 14

Ronnie Thibault, M.A., Cultural Studies University of Washington Bothell This research draws from representational theory to explore how...

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Rural Women and the Uneven Process of Inclusion

September 17

Tara Cookson, University of Cambridge, Department of Geography Conditional cash transfers (CCTs) have become the world’s most popular tools for...

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A Contínua Luta: Research on politics against the State as a killing system

August 19

 Antonádia Borges, University of Brasilia, Department of Anthropology Privilege in countries like Brazil and South Africa (where I do research)...

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The Deliciousness of Agency: Trout Farming in Guatemala

February 23

Sunni Wissmer - University of Washington, Engineers Without Borders Engineers Without Borders University of Washington Student Chapter is a part...

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Changing Times, Changing Families in Rural Washington

December 15

Jennifer Sherman, Department of Sociology, Washington State University This project is an extension of previous work, which focused on a remote...

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Progress Reports: Geographies of Development I, II, III

October 22

Richard Ballard - Gauteng City-Region Observatory, University of the Witwatersrand and University of Johannesburg This series of...

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Spaces in Transition? Mapping Manila’s Peri-Urban Fringe

May 2

Arnisson Andre C. Ortega, University of the Philippines, Population Institute In recent decades, neoliberal restructuring has facilitated dramatic...

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The Great Transformation: Neoliberalization, the urban commons and socio-spatial justice in Jakarta, Indonesia

February 4

Helga Leitner and Eric Sheppard, University of California Los Angeles, Department of Geography Asian cities long have labored under the shadow of...

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Women’s Experiences of the Immigration Journey between the US and Mexico

January 21

Yolanda Valencia, University of Washington, Department of Geography How do immigrant women experience risk and vulnerability during the...

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