Daniela Mora

Artist Statement

Daniela Mora works with a mix of transitional materials: the television screen is a window and the window becomes a spiritual portal, while a change of costume becomes a new identity for its skin. These videos are housed within specific installations to allow the viewer to transcend through the veil of the art work. The choice is up to the audience whether or not to fulfill this transcendence.

Daniela Mora was born in New York, raised in Florida, and now lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She received her BFA in fine art with a concentration in sculpture from the University of South Florida.

Artist Website

Daniela Mora
Master of Fine Arts

[blockquote author=”Professor of Photomedia, Aaron Flint Jamison” pull=”normal”]“Daniela’s work is truly singular. In its stubbornness is a profound respect of the audience and a welcomed logical twist on the specifics of manufactured spectacle, of environment interface, and of contractual expectation between artist and the receiver of her production.”[/blockquote]

Aaron Flint Jamison (chair), Ellen Garvens, Rebecca Cummins, Michael Swaine, Karen Hartman