Jennifer Beetem

Screen capture from Der Austausch Online demonstration website, 2017; text by Jennifer Beetem, images in the public domain by their respective authors

Practicum Project

Der Austausch Online – Annotations to the Bauhaus student magazine of 1919


Meredith Clausen, Chair
Marek Wieczorek
Adair Rounthwaite

Digital model of Construction of Volume Relations by Georges Vantongerloo and Untitled by Georges Vantongerloo, 1921. Digital model created by Jennifer Beetem, texture and rendering by Liz Beetem and Ben Carnow, 2010.

Jennifer Beetem
Master of Arts
Art History

Jennifer Beetem earned a BS in Art at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2004 with a focus on painting and digital art. At UW, Jennifer focused on printmaking and international modernism. She also researched sculpture by Ernst Barlach and Georges Vantongerloo in tandem with their writings and created a 3D digital model of a Vantongerloo sculpture from photographs and sketches.

In 2016, Jennifer shifted gears to research and produce an online annotated digitization of the 1919 Bauhaus student magazine Der Austausch and in 2017 presented the work as a MA practicum project with plans to release a public version. At UW she also studied general and organic chemistry and has aspirations to train as an art conservator.