Tate Strickland

Designer Statement

My design work has always tightly integrated both visual and interaction design principles, using one to inform the other.

I graduated with a degree in graphic design from American University and developed a professional specialization in the design of apps, websites, and other interactive media while working in the industry. I returned to my alma mater in 2012 to teach introductory web design and development, visual communication, and motion graphics as an instructor of graphic design for three years.

I value a strong working relationship between design and engineering, having worked closely with developers on projects for NPR, Livestrong, the 2012 Obama campaign, National Instruments, and others. My thesis, however, represents a departure from screen-based interaction. By centering my investigation on augmented reality and non-traditional modes of input, I’ve explored the way in which voice and gaze can be used to advance the educational experience in the art museum.

Designer Website

Tate Strickland
Master of Design

[blockquote author=”Associate Professor of Interaction Design, Axel Roesler” pull=”normal”]“Tate set out on a voyage to explore voice interaction through a visual design lens — literally. Through many iterations that included experiments with Siri, laser pointers, and head worn cameras, he developed a compelling experience that utilizes HoloLens to explore Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait. His is the type of thesis that demonstrates all the exciting aspects of graduate work at the School of Art + Art History + Design. It was a pleasure working with him!”[/blockquote]

Axel Roesler (chair), Karen Cheng, Christopher Ozubko