Richelle Dumond

Designer Statement

Richelle Dumond’s work explores the broad definition of interaction design by combining design principles with social interventions. Her degree from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands has shaped her design thinking towards building creative, social, and environmental justice and awareness. Her graduate thesis at the University of Washington has shifted her work towards service and transition design. Richelle is interested in finding ways to engage marginalized stakeholders of institutionalized systems for the purposes of encouraging more democratically-guided policy decisions. By focusing on creative activism and non-violent civil disobedience as a guiding principle, she has searched for ways to communicate radical ideas and perspectives with the Seattle Police Department.

Richelle Dumond
Master of Design

[blockquote author=”Associate Professor of Interaction Design, Tad Hirsch” pull=”normal”]“Richelle’s boundless energy, European perspective, and subversive sense of humor were a welcome and refreshing addition to the program. Her thesis, which involved playful, provocative ways for citizens to communicate with law enforcement, was both timely and bold. Happily, it landed her on the evening news and not in jail!”[/blockquote]

Tad Hirsch (chair), Kristine Matthews, Daniela K. Rosner