Gavriella Aguilar

Artist Statement

My practice explores the narrative potential that stems from the relationship between humans and objects. I am always fascinated to discover hidden truths and histories surrounding the objects themselves, the people they can represent, and how those histories change as one’s relationship to the object changes. Their form, material quality, and history reveal both metaphorical and metonymical qualities.

I grew up within a large, multifarious family consisting of a single mother and a total of eight children from three different fathers. The struggle to identify the self, mediated through these family dynamics and the lasting influences created by some of the earliest and closest of these interpersonal relationships has become a crucial part of my work.

Recently I have been examining the ritualistic aspect of art making and the modes of the creation and animation of these objects, curious about their existence outside of my relationship to them.

I received a BFA in Integrated Media from St. Cloud State University in 2015.

Artist Website

Gavriella Aguilar
Master of Fine Arts

[blockquote author=”Professor of Photomedia, Rebecca Cummins” pull=”normal”]“Gavriella Aguilar is deeply influenced by family dynamics and her mother’s naturopathic healing rites. Gavriella has evolved her own fascinating ritualistic practices to explore interpersonal narratives and empowerment by manipulating idiosyncratic objects. Although the works are autobiographical, they prompt us to consider the role of ritual in our personal lives and in contemporary art and culture.”[/blockquote]

Rebecca Cummins (chair), Ellen Garvens, Aaron Flint Jamison, Tyler Fox