Ryna Frankel

Artist Statement

Ryna Frankel is a visual artist working between painting and sculpture. Her work deals with connection and relationship — the longing for connection, the pleasure of caring for others, the loneliness of lost connections. She is drawn to the smaller, unimposing, and seemingly trivial moments that make us human. Drawing on the emotion of these moments, she creates sculpture, painting, and installation of cute, joyous fictions rather than direct representations of things or beings of this world. These objects are created through the process of building up layers of material. Layers accumulate into piles, burying some shapes or colors and exposing new and surprising relationships.

Ryna grew up in Chicago. She received her BA in Visual Studies from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011 before returning to Chicago for a post-baccalaureate program in painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Ryna has shown work in Philadelphia, Chicago, Brooklyn, and Seattle.

Artist Website

Ryna Frankel
Master of Fine Arts
Painting + Drawing

[blockquote author=”Professor of Painting + Drawing, Denzil Hurley” pull=”normal”]”Ryna’s ideas, and her working process, have made connections between painting and poetic form. Her interest in color and various materials involve her personal determinations concerning placement, space, and the environment they present. Her work opens up to a given viewer and carries what she envisions, remembers, and constructs. Her sculptural constructs bring active and integral connections to the fore.”[/blockquote]

Ann Gale, Zhi Lin, Denzil Hurley, Philip Govedare, David Brody