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11/28/00 Philip Morris sponsored a 1999 Czech Republic study emphasizing that smoking-related deaths saved the Czech Republic an estimated $27 million per year in pensions, housing and health care that would have been provided for those citizens if they had lived.
11/1/00 The 2000 Washington State Survey of Adolescent Health Behavior (WSSAHB) reports fewer students in grades six, eight, 10 and 12 using marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs.
9/11/00 FTC released report on the Marketing of Violent Entertainment to Children. Study finds companies in motion picture, music recording and electronic game industries routinely target children under 17.
5/1/00 Study finds that groups of middle and high school students with even moderate involvement with substance use and violence/delinquency have dramatically lower academic achievement than groups of students with little or no involvement in these behaviors. Moderate substance use and/or violence/delinquency were associated with test scores a full level below scores of groups of students not involved in these behaviors.

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