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8/28/03 Taking Back Television, One Disc at a Time DVD's embody everything live television does not. They're collectible instead of ephemeral. They're private instead of public. They allow the viewer to own the TV schedule instead of being controlled by it

7/31/03 Is it information or manipulation?
Philip Morris' new wave of television advertisements, which began airing on June 23, have prompted both interpretations
7/29/03 Gary Ruskin: Stop advertisers from commandeering every last nook and cranny of American culture. (please note that a quick and free registration is required to view article)
7/15/03 Britney Spears ranks as a chump for her involvement with nicotine Britney, Put that thing Down
7/15/03 Poll: Public Concerned About Media Ownership
The more Americans learn about federal changes that lift restrictions on companies owning different media outlets in the same city, the less they like it, a new poll suggests.
7/2/03 As gay acceptance increases, the number of openly gay marriages with children has reflected that rise. Extensive psychological studies on children of homosexual parents have demonstrated similar levels of mental and sexual well-being as their heterosexual counterparts. Moreover, the percentage of gay children from gay parents is comparatively equal to those raised in heterosexual families. [*To read the full New York Times article, please register a free account here]
6/13/03 Prompted by the film success of "2 Fast 2 Furious", Bay Area police prepare for drivers who blur the distinction between art and life on the road. Police worry that the movie may incite a resurgence in illegal racing - as it did when the prequel came out in theatres.
6/10/03 Recent studies link exposure to smoking in movies with adolescent smoking initiation.
6/4/03 "This 16-minute video will change the way you look at video games forever. Hosted by Dr. David Walsh, President and Founder of the National Institute on Media and the Family, Sex, Murder, and Video Games examines the issues your family faces as you try to decide what games are appropriate for your children."
6/3/03 Recent studies demonstrate that upon quitting, women show greater recuperation of lung capacity than men after one year. However, the difference tapers off over the years. In terms of decline, smokers who continued to use tobacco showed the same rate of lung degradation across the sexes.
6/3/03 Newborn infants born to smoking mothers suffer the same impaired condition of those born to addicts of heroin or cocaine. This paves the way for potential changes from a legal perspective – in the future, smoking mothers may face possible removal of their children from protective services.
5/27/03 New Canadian legislation sets stiffer penalties for marijuana distributors, but offers milder punishment for possessors of the drug. Americans expect an increase in the already-rising amount of marijuana to pass through the US border. Experts estimate that marijuana is the 3rd largest agricultural crop in Ontario and British Columbia. [*To read the full New York Times article, please register a free account here]
5/23/03 Video games are not only attracting consumers – but major stars.
Celebrity fans are helping drive sales of video and computer games
, and 4 of 10 Americans will buy at least one game this year.

5/23/03 Prompted by the Reality television trend, Marketers are using more “real people” for their ad campaigns. Celebrities are being skipped since they’re more expensive, less credible compared to their “real” counterparts and pose a larger-scale public backlash possibility.
5/23/03 As the highest per-capita consumer of alcohol in the 15-nation European Union, the Irish government wants to discourage young drinkers by instituting advertising bans on buses, trains, cinemas and sporting events.
5/23/03 CBSMarketWatch.com signed a deal with Absolut Vodka, allowing the alcohol firm the Friday 2pm - 8pm advertising slot on their site. The agreement makes use of the "Daypart" advertising concept, wherein firms can stake out advertising time at specific, regularly-occurring periods of the day on Web sites.
5/22/03 Reality tv show "American Idol" held 40 million households in suspense last night, according to Nielsen Media Research. Last year's finale garnered less than 23 million though winner Kelly Clarkson debuted her first record at #1. Expectations are high for Ruben Studdard, America's newly crowned Idol, to do even better based on the millions of viewers - and potential record buyers - who witnessed his coronation last night.
5/22/03 Following the recent world-wide adoption of the anti-tobacco treaty (see below) , Jersey's health president plans to follow in the UK's footsteps by proposing a US ban on tobacco advertising. Plans to increase taxes and raise the smoking legal age are also in the works.
5/22/03 A class-action lawsuit worth $144.8 billion against cigarette makers was thrown out of Florida court due to a number of reasons ranging from an incompetent jury to "race-based appeals" by the plaintiffs' lawyer to the desired compensatory amount. The 700,000 smokers suffering from tobacco-related diseases are still able to sue on an individual basis.
5/22/03 Compared to non-smokers, tobacco users who are forced to abstain from smoking for 24 hours are likely to perceive time more incorrectly. The former estimated a 45-second interval at 52, while smokers guessed at 71 seconds. [*To read the full New York Times article, please register a free account here]
5/21/03 Anti-smokers were disturbed to see actress Nicole Kidman openly smoking at a media briefing. They cite that the moment created free advertising for tobacco companies when her image was reproduced in the papers and television.
5/21/03 Among sexually active women, knowledge about emergency contraception increased by 50% since 2000. Prompted by this, makers of the morning-after pill are attempting to make the pills available over the counter rather than through doctor-approved prescriptions. Emergency contraception - which is a high dosage of birth control pills taken within a week of the sexual encounter - can prevent 75-89% of pregnancies. [*To read the full New York Times article, please register a free account here]
5/20/03 According to a report released by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, 20% of adolescents have sex before age fifteen. Within that demographic, the occurrences of smoking, drinking, and drug use is substantially higher than among virgins. [*To read the full New York Times article, please register a free account here]
5/16/03 A proposal to delay a vote that would "effectively permit a network to own stations that reach up to 90% of the nation's viewers" by Democratic members of the FCC was contested by the Republican side. Since the changes concerning media ownership have not been fully disclosed, Democrats suggest that a 30-day delay will avert potential legal challenges issued by the public.[*To read the full New York Times articles, please register a free account here]
5/15/03 Ads continue to pervade, as King County announces new advertising space in the form of 284 billboards in Marymoor Park, and on the pool-bottom of the King County Aquatic Center.
5/15/03 Recent studies show that alcohol affects cognitive functions even after drinkers begin to feel sober. When comparing drinkers' cognitive reasoning abilities while at the peak of feeling intoxicated versus the subsequent descent to sobriety, the latter stage was shown to evidence the greater impairment to cognitive functions. Since spatial reasoning skills are especially susceptible to alcohol, this finding presents a further dilemma to drinkers who plan to drive upon sobering up.
5/2/03 "What are the different expectations for guys and girls? A survey by seventeen magazine and the Kaiser Family Foundation of more than 500 young people nation-wide shows that more than a third say there is a "double standard" for boys and girls today, when it comes to being sexually active. Even more (four in five) agree that parents have different expectations from their daughters and their sons. How far have we really come?" To read the full-length article, click here.
4/30/03 The US appears unlikely to sign a woldwide tobacco treaty. "Anti-tobacco activists and foreign diplomats say the U.S. demand is an attempt to water down the treaty to benefit tobacco companies or to unravel the agreement entirely."
4/28/03 The Olympian has an article detailing the latest user-friendly contraceptives.
4/24/03 A new bill bans the sale of video games to minors with violence against police officers.
4/24/03 A new study has found that religious teens may be more likely to avoid risky behaviors.
4/24/03 Nike case could rewrite the rules for of free speech for businesses.
4/21/03 An Oregon parent has filed a complaint in an Oregon circuit court, contending that the Salem-Keizer School District is violating the Oregon State Constitution by forcing his son and daughter to watch Channel One, a company that advertises to kids in schools through television.

4/21/03 Video war games have seen a surge in popularity ever since the start of the U.S. war on Iraq.
4/16/03 Crash victims who have alcohol in their systems suffer worse injuries than those who have not been drinking, according to a new study.
4/15/03 In a further development of the Altria/Philip Morris case mentioned earlier, Altria/Philip Morris have made there yearly payments due to the states on time.
4/15/03 Researchers have found a link between mothers who drink during pregnancy and alcoholism in the children later in life.
4/15/03 Viacom is considering expanding its HIV/AIDS awareness program overseas. Viacom have set up a website at www.knowhivaids.org for this initiative, and are linking popular television shows with the program.
4/8/03 In a new tobacco settlement for false advertising of light cigarettes in Illinois, a judge has ruled that Altria (Philip Morris) must post a $12 billion bond. This could bankrupt Altria/Philip Morris, and cut off $53 million due to come to washington this year.
4/8/03 Smoking is now banned in New York City bars.
4/1/03 Smoking bans could prevent heart attacks. For six months last year, Helena, Montana banned smoking in public places. The incidence of heart attacks fell nearly 60%.
3/24/03 The Citizens Campaign for Commercial-Free Schools (CCCS) says that Seattle Schools have not yet complied with a 15-month-old ban on advertising messages on vending machines.
3/17/03 The debate over TV reality romance shows continues...
3/17/03 Miller Brewing Co. is taking raunchy marketing to a new extreme with a new crop of sex ads.
3/12/03 In an interesting study of twins, where one abused stimulants, and the other did not, researchers have found "evidence of long-term residual effects of stimulant abuse".
3/12/03 In contrast to the recent Washington State findings, children in Britain are more likely to experiment with smoking and live with someone who smokes now than they were 20 years ago.
3/12/03 New evidence shows that second-hand smoke might contribute to the development of cavities in children's teeth.
3/11/03 A new study shows that fewer kids are smoking and drinking in Washington State.
3/10/03 Both boys and girls who watch a lot of violence on television have a heightened risk of aggressive adult behavior including spouse abuse and criminal offenses, no matter how they act in childhood, a new study says.
3/5/03 Philip Morris USA, the biggest U.S. cigarette maker, is considering moving headquarters to Richmond, Virginia from New York to save recently renamed parent Altria Group Inc. money.
3/5/03 Washington State legislators are considering a public smoking ban. Read more here.
2/27/03 The Citizens Campaign for Commercial-Free Schools has an interesting and informative newsletter available in pdf format. Dowload the newsletter here.
2/27/03 Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed favor a total ban on smoking inside public spaces, according to a poll commissioned by an alliance of anti-smoking organizations. "The only demographic group that didn't support this was the people who smoke," he said.""
2/27/03 Doctors are launching a new website that is dedicated to providing reliable facts about tobacco and its health risks.
2/25/03 Health campaigners from the US have asked that the US withdraw from negotiations regarding an international anti-tobacco treaty.
2/25/03 Corrected statistics from Columbia University show that underage drinkers make up one fifth of all US alcohol consumption. "These analyses show that it is not in the alcohol industry's financial interest to voluntarily enact strategies to reduce underage or adult excessive drinking," the researchers said.
2/25/03 While not exactly news per se, two tobacco timelines detailing the fight against tobacco have recently been brought to our attention. One is from the University of San Diego, and the other is from Tobacco.org.
2/25/03 Commercial Alert has released a press release asking the nations largest hospitals to not carry a new channel from GE called "Patient Channel". Doctors are outraged because the "Patient Channel" will run drug advertisements in hospitals, to people that are sick or in need of medicine.
2/24/03 A new study has found that kids that are heavily pressured to achieve or get into a good school are more likely to abuse substances. What's more, these results were from 6th and 7th graders. There is also a version for parents.
2/20/03 A new study shows that students in the 10th and 12th grades are less likely to date at all than a decade ago and to date less frequently.
2/19/03 The World Health Organization has set out to make a "world health treaty", to limit both the supply and demand of cigarettes.
2/18/03 We have heard about reality television, but now retailers are using reality advertising for their Valentine's Day promotions.
2/18/03 Students in the UK are being paid to wear corporate logos on their foreheads.
2/13/03 The UK has instituted a ban on all tobacco advertisements. The ban outlaws ads in magazines, newspapers and on billboards.
2/10/03 Although teen use of Ecstasy has leveled off, most American adolescents see no great risk in experimenting with the drug, according to a study to be released Tuesday by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America.
2/6/03 A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that although more television shows are including sexual content, such programs are also including more mentions of "safer sex," abstinence and possible consequences of intercourse. Read the actual report here.
2/6/03 A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that although more television shows are including sexual content, such programs are also including more mentions of "safer sex," abstinence and possible consequences of intercourse. Read the actual report here.
2/6/03 A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that although more television shows are including sexual content, such programs are also including more mentions of "safer sex," abstinence and possible consequences of intercourse. Read the actual report here.
2/6/03 Rap mogul Russell Simmons has announced plans for a possible hip-hop boycott of Pepsi products over the company's TV ad campaign featuring the Osbournes.
2/5/03 Prime-time shows are getting more permissive about sexual content. "One out of seven shows features sexual intercourse, either depicted or strongly implied... And I am counting `Jeopardy.' "
2/5/03 A new study shows that girls and young women may become addicted more easily than boys.
2/4/03 Ireland is going to ban smoking in workplaces. Yes, this does include pubs too.
2/4/03 The most recent episode of the WB's 7th Heaven will focus on smoking and its effects. The WB network is allowing taping rights and free use of the program for the next year. They also offer free on-line education kits, including backgrounders, quitting tips, parents' guides, and other resources at the web site.
2/4/03 In other Super Bowl ad news, researchers have ranked this year's Super Bowl ads by how much each ad is recalled by viewers. Comparing these results to that last story about which ads were best seems to prove that "well-liked" isn't necessarily "well-remembered".
1/29/03 Anheuser-Busch gets this year's top rated Super Bowl ad. With a significant portion of super bowl ads sending pro-beer or anti-drug messages, the possibility of a mixed message being perceived by the millions of teens and children that watch the game seems pretty high.
1/29/03 Popular television show 'The Sopranos' cited by teens who killed their mother.
1/10/03 FCC is accepting public comment regarding their proposal to relax current media ownership rules. See what's being done about this issue and how you can prevent further concentration of the media.
1/10/03 City may ask park users to snuff out cigarettes.
1/7/03 Apparently, James Bond has resumed smoking in his latest movie. After quitting for 13 years, it seems the original international man of mystery is back smoking a cigar in the new movie.

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