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  • ESIP PhotoEssays
    If you are looking for an excellent resource with a lesson plan that provides steps from beginning to end, this is the place to start. This is a process developed by two ESIP teachers to familiarize students with "photography and PhotoEssay before having the student create their own individual PhotoEssay books." Although this site is aimed at elementary science integration, any grade will benefit from a review its approach to engaging students in a DigiText activity.

  • collective lens
    This site is more than DigiText examples; it promotes social change with photo essay submissions. "Creating a Photo Essay" is a great article to help to glean ideas on how to introduce the TRIO Quest DigiText to your students (linked here or type the title in the Search box). In the Classroom provides ideas to help teachers inspire students. In addition, you can view examples of DigiTexts and even have your students submit photos and essays for their own good cause.

  • Center for Digital Story Telling
    This wonderful site is dedicated to personal storytelling. Go to this site to help you develop DigiText curriculum. Under Our Services, the Resources page provides an abundance of ideas. Try "These Images from Pictures" to start and then explore. Have fun! (Note: this site can help you with Media Quest as well.)

  • 5 Photo Essay Tips
    Digital Photography School - This is directed at the photo essay that relies on images only to tell the story, but it's a nice resource to help students think about what images they want to use in their essay.

DigiText - Before Submitting: Did you (the student)?...

  1. Use your first name only? (if a minor)
  2. Credit the photo(s)/image(s)?
  3. Check spelling?
  4. Edit your entry? Have someone look over your entry for errors in content, grammar, punctuation, and organization; students then make any needed changes.
  5. Pick images that tell a story by themselves? (e.g., fit the content)