Training Team


Dr. Karen Morell

Karen Morell has directed TRIO Training Programs at the University of Washington for 18 years. She has worked with several leading corporations in educational technology to bring resources to the Training and TRIO community. She directed Upward Bound and taught in Comparative Literature and African Studies at the University of Washington. More information about Dr. Karen Morell »

Dr. Belle

Dr. Robert L. Belle, Jr.

Robert (Bob) Belle joined the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) in November 2002 as the Director for the SREB Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) Doctoral Scholars Program. Prior to joining SREB Bob served as the Director of the Office of Federal TRIO Programs for the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. for almost four years. 


Dr. Susan Brown

Susan Brown is the Director Emeritus of the Ronald E. McNair Program at New Mexico State University. In addition to serving as the Director for 15 years, Dr. Brown was responsible for the Center for Academic Excellence, Upward Bound and Student Support Services. She has been a TRIO trainer for ten years.


Dr. Lynn Churchill

Lynn Churchill has over 30 years of experience in the development and application of advanced technologies to education and research. Dr. Churchill developed many of the technology services for the University of Washington TRIO Training for over 20 years and hosts a number of the online application servers and online training through the Information Technology Research Center in Missoula, MT. More information about Dr. Lynn Churchill »


Ms. Deltha Colvin

Deltha Q. Colvin is the Associate Vice President for Campus Life and University Relations, Special Programs at Wichita State University and responsible for 9 TRIO programs, a statewide Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) and the Office of Disability Services and 6 College Access Challenge Grants. Colvin has been associated with TRIO Programs since 1965.   She is also Director of TRIO Upward Bound. She is a member and former President of the Mid-America Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (MAEOPP).


Mr. Phillip Dirks

Phillip Dirks is Director of Upward Bound and Educational Talent Search at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Mr. Dirks has worked in TRIO for 22 years, 7 years in Student Support Services, and 15 years as Director of UB/ETS.  Mr. Dirks has served as President of the Northwest Association of Special Programs (Region X TRIO Programs) and as President of the Oregon TRIO Association.


Dr. Earl Farrow

Dr. Earl V. Farrow first graduated from Florida A&M University, completed his Ed.D. at Rutgers University, and retired in Pensacola, FL. He directed TRIO programs for thirty years, was a professor at Rutgers, and a trainer for SAEOPP, NCEOA (COE), and the University of Washington. He was co-chair of the first NCEOA (COE) Technology Committee and received its Walter Mason, Jr. award.

Dave F.

Mr. David Ferguson

Dave Ferguson is the director of the Priority 5 TRIO Training at Sonoma State University. He directed three Upward Bound projects for 26 years at California State University, Chico. He served as president of WESTOP. He has served as a trainer for a number of TRIO Training grants over the past 25 years. Before TRIO, he was a secondary school teacher in California, Oregon, and Thailand. When not working for TRIO, he enjoys photography, painting, backpacking and mountain biking.


Mr. Brad James

Brad James is the Coordinator of Technology for the four TRIO programs at the University of South Dakota. Mr. James also servers as an instructor, grant writer and data systems manager. He has taught and worked with at-risk students for 20 years, including working with TRIO for the past 12 years.


Ms. Paula Martin

Paula J. Martin is Executive Director of Harlem Center for Education responsible for overseeing a TRIO Educational Opportunity Center program and is Director of two TRIO Talent Search programs.  She is a member of and former President of the Association for Equality and Excellence in Education (AEEE).  Ms. Martin has been working in TRIO programs since 1973 and has formerly worked with Upward Bound as well.  She has had both a university and community based organization experience in working in TRIO.


Dr. Ben McCune

Ben McCune serves as an evaluator/trainer for the University of Washington’s TRIO Training Programs. Dr. McCune has over 36 year’s experience with TRIO and in higher education administration at Florida A&M University. He has served as president of his state (FAEOPP) and regional (SAEOPP) Associations. He is a founder of the Council for Opportunity in Education. More information Dr. Ben McCune »


Mr. T. Michael Moser

T. Michael Moser has over 15 years of TRIO experience and has served as an Upward Bound Director for 14 years at Leeward Community College in Hawaii. Mr. Moser specialties lie in database design, annual performance reports, record keeping, and program management. He has assisted TRIO and non-TRIO programs in the Pacific and continental U.S. in establishing database systems and preparing for annual reports. Mr. Moser is a FileMaker Pro trainer and has designed free TRIO database applications for UW TRIO Training.


Ms. Sharon Primm-Dayot

Sharon Primm-Dayot has been with TRIO since 1991 at the University of Washington: 8 years as the Curriculum Coordinator for TRIO Training, 15 years as an Upward Bound Instructor, and 7 years as a UB Bridge Instructor. For 7 years, she directed, created curriculum, and instructed courses for other Bridge programs and at-risk students. Currently, she provides TRIO Quest support to all participating TRIO programs and creates online curriculum for TRIO staff.


Ms. Donna Thompson

Donna Thompson has worked with Federal TRIO programs for over 30 years. She began her association with Upward Bound as an undergraduate at Wesleyan University in Middletown CT serving as a tutor.  She has since held numerous roles including summer instructor, academic year advisor, director and principal investigator. She has also served as a national trainer for over ten years working with the University of Washington TRIO Training and the Council for Opportunity in Education. More information Ms. Donna Thompson »


Mr. David Wolczyk

Dave Wolczyk is the Technology and Science Coordinator for the University of Washington TRIO Training and Upward Bound programs. He is also an Instructor with the Upward Bound Program. He has been with the TRIO programs at the UW for 10 years and involved in TRIO programs for 15 years.