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DigiText 2012


DigiText is a short, creative activity for ALL TRIO students that introduces them to the compelling interaction possible between text and images.
Submissions Closed

We celebrate the excellent work of programs and students who participated in TRIO Quest. The last competition was held in 2012. Please enjoy viewing the winning entries

Qualities and Requirements

For complete guidelines please download the TRIO Quest Rules, DigiText Rules, Rubric, and Winning Tips.

  • Completes the online submission form, provides all the required information, and submits by the deadline
  • Is submitted using Google Sites
  • Must be appropriate for viewing by students age 12 and above
  • NEW: For students under 18, a parental permission form must be kept by the program which states that a student's last name can be listed on the entry and the submission form IF last names are used in the entry
  • The entry must include:
    • Document Title
    • A page which follows the DigiText Rubric "Introduction & Reflection"
    • Image(s)—minimum of 1, maximum of 10
    • Minimum of 100 words (this is generally meant for poetry; NOTE: in order for prose to meet the rubric with high marks, it would generally contain more than 100 words)
    • Captions under images
    • Copyright Statement, and (if applicable) References and Citations

Intellectual Honesty

  • TRIO Quest rewards students who create their own digital image(s). This may be their own original photograph(s), a scan of their own artwork, or a digital creation (i.e., graphics, etc.) – basically anything the student creates
  • Students must claim ownership of their original images by providing a Copyright Statement
  • If an image is not created by the student, it must be copyright free (i.e., comes from a non-copyright image resource, such as Creative Commons or a family album) AND the student must: 1) list the resource it came from, 2) cite the image in the correct format requested by the free use resource, AND 3) provide an active link to the free use image
  • If applicable, DigiText credits and citation are referenced within the DigiText content. Any outside source material used within the DigiText must be quoted or parenthetically cited on the page AND must be cited properly at the end of the writing (much like a research paper)
  • NOTE: Fair Use CANNOT be used for a DigiText entry