Retention Applications from Neuroscience

Mindset is a simple idea discovered by world-renowed Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck in decades of research on achievement and success. Developing a "growth mindset" is proven by research to improve students' academic progress.

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Mindset PowerpointMiami, FL, JANUARY 2010
Neuroscience: Implications for Retention
by Karen Morell and Ben McCune

Learn new, simple, low-cost techniques to improve all students' academic performance, retention, and graduation. Neuroscience has given to educators a foundation for the development of tools to enhance brain functioning, including students' performance on tests and the setting of ambitious academic and career goals. See examples of these proven tools, supported by comments from students and educators about their effectiveness.


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Trio Staff on Mindset

Participants had 10 minutes to write an email or letter to a student that communicates what they learned in the training session "Brains: Yours and Your Students." This included new information about the plasticity of the brain, resources for additional information, and about a Growth vs Fixed Mindset. It produced new insight about the impact of this knowledge on their program’s approach to improve the retention and graduation of individual students.

Retention Applications from Neuroscience

Barbara, McNair Staff (Image #1)

Dear Jocelyn,
I have GREAT news for you and for us all. Scientific research now confirms that our brains are able to grown and absorb new information always!! That means that you and I are not trapped by what we didn’t learn as children but we are free to be anyone we want to be – we just have to learn new things and ways of doing it!! Those GRE tests have no more power over us, they cannot predict anything that we can eventually understand or do. No more to FEAR from them!! Please feel free to let yourself try new things – in fact your brain will delight in creating new pathways that that information will become a literal part of your physical make up. Guess that is why we are always asking our McNair scholars to do what they haven’t done before - because you can! Your brain develops new patterns everyday that you try something new so... get ready to grow this summer and find out what else you are capable of!!

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Clarice, Student Support Services Staff (Image #3)

Dear TRIO Student,
In regards to image #3, I see that you are willing to take on challenges in life. Regardless what obstacles might pull you down, you are capable of overcoming your fears to reach your goals. It is essential that you continue to strive hard to accomplish your goals. Many of us are aware that life is not simply made for us, and that you realize that we should take initiative to make changes and make a difference in the world. You have the ability to look at all possibilities and most importantly that you view life with a positive attitude. I assure you that with your confidence and ability to learn, that you will definitely become successful in life. I believe that it is those who strive in life that will make a difference. Good luck with life as you journey through an adventure.

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