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Awards & Recognition

We would like to recognize the winners of TRIO Quest activities. Below you will find our award features and galleries where we display and recognize all of the Best of Contest, finalists, semifinalists and quarterfinalists.

TRIO Quest Awards 2012

2012 TRIO Quest Awards

Awards Gallery Archive

2011 TRIO Quest Award Winners

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2011 DigiMedia Winner
2011 DigiMedia Winner


2011 CSU Northridge Winners
2011 CSU Northridge Winners

2011 Program Recognition
2011 Program Recognition


2009 ThinkQuest TRIO Winner
2009 ThinkQuest TRIO Winner


2012 Prizes

PRIZES Best of Contest Gold
DigiMedia $200 Amazon Gift Card $100 Amazon Gift Card
DigiSites $200 Amazon Gift Card $100 Amazon Gift Card
DigiText $100 Amazon Gift Card $50 Amazon Gift Card

Farrow Award Prizes

We are proud to announce the Farrow Awards, which offers awards to TRIO Quest’s Top National TRIO Students. The Farrow Awards are designed to encourage and support students as they pursue their educational dreams. Learn more »

If you are interested in supporting TRIO Quest through the Farrow Award, please click on the Donate button or send a check to the address below.

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Mail check to:
iTRC TRIO Quest Fund
PO Box 7398
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Thank you to those who continue to support TRIO Quest with donations to help reward TRIO students' work.

Medals and Certificates

All Finalists receive medals and certificates. All others receive certificates.

Notification and Verification of Winners

Program contacts and directors of winning entries will be notified via email. In order to receive an award, the program director must provide an address for mailing the prize(s) to the student(s) and must assure in writing that to the best of the director's knowledge, the student or students named in the award completed all the work on the entry.