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2012 TRIO Quest Activities

We celebrate the excellent work of programs and students who participated in TRIO Quest. The last competition was held in 2012. Please enjoy viewing the winning entries

An activity for ALL TRIO students that involves creating original short video productions that are uploaded to the web. DigiMedia teaches students how to use multimedia for creative purposes, to present information, and/or to support the presentation of research.

An educational web content competition for ALL TRIO students. Students work individually or collaboratively in teams to create high quality, innovative and content-rich educational Web sites that meet high standards of intellectual honesty.

A short, simple, creative activity for ALL TRIO students that introduces students to the compelling interaction possible between text and images and encourages research, reflection, and creative expression.

About TRIO Quest

TRIO Quest was created with support from the U.S. Department of Education to challenge TRIO staff to learn to work with their students as they learn 21st Century Skills.

ALL TRIO Quest activities are FREE. Significant TRIO Quest Staff support and digital resources are available to help students.

TRIO Quest is operated by the University of Washington.

TRIO Quest Terms & Conditions

Farrow Awards

Contributions to the Dr. Earl V. Farrow Award support student awards for TRIO Quest.

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