DigiMedia Storyboard

Get started on your required storyboard

First, you must Create a Google Site for DigiMedia

  1. To get started on a storyboard, go to the Storyboard page on your google site and click on Open DigiMedia Template to open and start editing it in Google Docs.
    Get started on your storyboard
  2. Add all elements associated to your entry on the storyboard, then click Save.
  3. Refresh the storyboard page to see the changes.

Make tq11digimedia@gmail.com the storyboard owner (required)

Please be sure to make tq11digimedia@gmail.com an owner to your storyboard before the deadline. NOTE: the person who originally set up the storyboard in your program is the owner; only the owner can make tq11digimedia@gmail.com the new owner. Once tq11digimedia@gmail.com is the new owner, the original ower will be an editor.

  1. Open your DigiMedia Template in Google Docs
    Get started on your storyboard
  2. Click Share on the top right corner
  3. Under 'Add people', type in tq11digimedia@gmail.com
  4. Click Share
  5. Click the dropdown next to tq11digimedia@gmail.com then choose 'Is owner'
  6. Click Save changes