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Getting Started: DigiMedia

This guide will tell you what is needed to create a DigiMedia entry. For full competition steps, from registration to submission, please go to the DigiMedia Overview page.

In order to create a DigiMedia entry, you will need the following:

Camera or Camcorder

There are tons of choices of cameras that you can use to record video. You don't necessarily need to buy camcorders. Digital cameras - even the old or least expensive ones - tend to have video capability. Many devices and cellphones that many students have nowadays, like iPod Touch and iPhone, can record videos as well. However, because these are not equipments dedicated to capture video, the quality will not be as good as a camcorder; but nonetheless these are options you should consider, especially if your budget is limited.

Buying Guides

The links below can help you pick which camera or camcorder is right for you and your students.


Need help narrowing down your choices? Digital cameras and camcorders are not created equal! We highly advise you to read product reviews before you buy.

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Video Programs

Choosing the right video editor is important. If you only have a limited amount of time, choose a basic video editing program that students can learn pretty quickly. If you have plenty of time, the more advanced video editing programs can be a good choice, but be sure to have a coach who is extremely proficient with the programs because the less technical savvy students will have trouble figuring out the programs by themselves.

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Audio Programs

Without a dedicated microphone during recording, sound quality tend to suffer. Audio editors can help improve this.

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