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Images & Photography Links

Creative Commons allows creators to keep their copyright but also to allow others to copy and distribute their work provided that they give the creator credit. Find images and photos that are free to use through the links below. Be sure to keep track of where each media item comes from and cite your sources.

Digital Photography

Digital Photography Basics
This page provides links to online tutorials that explain how digital cameras work, show you how to select a digital camera, and how to take better pictures.

Kodak Tips and Projects Center
Get "Top 10 Photo Tips", "Photographing People and Animals", "Tips for Camera Phone Pictures", "Interactive Demos to Improve Picture Taking", and much more. If you are creating a TRIO Quest PhotoEssay or images for TRIO Sites, you need to check this site out.

Preparing Images for the Web

Optimizing Images for the Web
Tips for optimizing images for the Web, including how to preview the download speed and reduce the file size of an image.

Saving Image for the Web in Photoshop
When saving for the web, it's always important to consider the quality of the image, and the size of the image in order to provide visual clarity without slowing performance. This tutorial will teach you what you need to know about saving images for the web.

The Comprehensive Guide to Saving Images for the Web
This article will focus primarily on the diverse features of Photoshop's "Save for Web & Devices" command along with some best practices related to saving images that are optimized for web use.