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Checklist for student websites

Use this checklist to avoid plagiarism and copyright law violations when creating DigiSites entries.

For all multimedia (images, audio, & video)

  1. Follow Fair Use Rules.
  2. Beyond Fair Use Rules:

    For copyright images, obtain permission for each image, video, or sound clip used on your Web site FROM THE AUTHOR/OWNER OF THE COPYRIGHT!!!

    Cite the permission for each copyright image used (see our pages Obtaining Permissions and Citing Permissions for help).

    Credit the author of a copyright image next to or below the image. If you created your own images, credit yourself.

    Take down all images (especially copyrighted images) for which you have not obtained and cited permission.

For text

  1. Use all original text (no cutting and pasting from books or Web sites) or use paraphrasing and use quotation marks for direct quotations.
  2. For each fact or piece of information, credit the source in parentheses INSIDE THE SENTENCE OR PARAGRAPH THAT CONTAINS THE INFORMATION!!! (If all you have is a works cited page, you are not using correct citations - see our page Citing Sources in MLA Style).
  3. Make a Works Cited/Permissions page listing all references and permissions.
  4. Remove any text that has been copied or too closely resembles another source.