Brain Dynamics Practicum: Atlantic City, NJ

AEEETrio Staff on Mindset : PhotoEssay (Letter)

Atlantic City, New Jersey Training, April 21 - 22, 2009

Participants had 10 minutes to write an email or letter to a student that communicates what they learned in the training session "Brains: Yours and Your Students." This included new information about the plasticity of the brain, resources for additional information, and about a Growth vs Fixed Mindset. It produced new insight about the impact of this knowledge on their program's approach to improve the retention and graduation of individual students.

Tricia, Talent Search Staff (Image #2)

What's up Doc? This was a question asked by Bugs Bunny almost every time he met someone or was starting a new adventure. It seems that he was always about what was going on. Yes, this is just a cartoon but some valuable lessons are hidden behind the funny rabbit and his friends. Bugs Bunny's curiosity and questions caused him to learn and enjoy himself while he was on his wild journeys. The same can be true for you. On an everyday basis, you have the opportunity to exercise and strengthen your brain muscles. Yes, this is done in the classroom and by reading textbooks but all around you are chances to learn and grow. Do not rule out something because you think or say to yourself "I am not smart enough." In opening yourself to do something that you have never done before you will come out wiser and more importantly you made the effort to step outside the box. Next time you want to learn or try something that may seem too challenging or out of your league, remember Bugs Bunny and face the challenge with a cool "What's up Doc?"

Carol Ann, McNair Staff (Image #2)

Dear TRIO Student,

Hi everyone! Have you ever looked up a friend in FACEBOOK and saw the list of friends that friend had? Then, have you clicked on one of those friends and gone through his or her list of friends? Then have you wondered when the last hour or so went? It's kind of an amazing pathway, isn't it? The connections are intriguing, engaging and occasionally freaky. The reason I asked you that is because drilling down through friends in FACEBOOK and finding all of those connections is analogous to BRAINOLOGY and how our brains function and grow. Our brains develop with each connection we make, and sometimes when we are making all those connections, we actually lose track of time. We're in the zone. Just as in FACEBOOK you go from one friend's list to other friend's list, on and on, in learning each connection leads to another. It's an absolutely fascinating experience. To make more friends, you need to visit more friends' pages; to become more intelligent you need to exercise your brain – develop connections, work at it and reflect. I want you to know this because every time I see you and speak with you, I see potential. You need to treat your brain the same way you treat your social networking. Think of each new learning experience as another layer of FACEBOOK friends. Just go out there and read, write, think, and reflect! It works!