The Museum of Special Art (MOSA)

The Museum of Special Art (MOSA) has proudly partnered with the UW Autism Center to donate several beautiful pieces from their tremendous “Through the Eyes of Autism” exhibit to our center. These pieces and artist biographies decorate our hallways, surrounding families and clinicians with beauty and inspiration. “Through the Eyes of Autism” celebrates the unique perspective of artists on the autism spectrum. MOSA hosts new exhibits featuring artists with autism on a regular basis. If you are inspired by the art decorating our center and want to see more, visit MOSA’s website at to learn about their upcoming exhibitions.

Featured artists in our center include:

James Frye, who finds inspiration in classic rock bands and thoughtfully names pieces to help communicate the intent behind them. His work has been featured across Eastern Washington and in the “Temple Grandin & Friends” event in Los Angeles, CA.

Matthew James, a self-taught artist whose artwork helps him find a way to express himself. He has been featured in several shows around the Edmonds area.

Grace Juchau, who smiles throughout her art lessons and exhibits her art through MOSA and in ArtWorks Gallery in Edmonds, WA.

Cory Kanakis, a graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle currently working on a master’s degree in Illustration who believes his art has helped him connect with people and work through adversity.

Casey King, a Tacoma-area artist featured in several stories by Fox Q13 news, Tacoma Weekly, and Seattle City Living whose work has been purchased by collectors across Washington and California.

Forrest Sargent, whose photographs have been shown throughout the Puget Sound area and featured on local KING 5 and KOMO 4 news segments.