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  • Thanks for a great 2024 Benefit Dinner, hope to see you all next year!






  • The UW Autism Center is delighted to announce that the UW, as part of a multicenter research collaboration, has been awarded a five-year NIH grant to fund a replication of our Infant Brain Imaging Study and confirm the scientific validity of imaging-based early prediction of autism at 6 months of age!
  • The Access to On-Time Intervention project is a collaborative effort between the UW Autism Center and the Haring Center for Inclusive Education, bringing together the expertise of these two organizations to improve children’s access to clinical resources when autism symptoms first emerge.


  • UWAC goes to China!





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  • Announcing the Tacoma Clinic Re-Opening! We are delighted re-open the satellite clinic in our new location on the UW Tacoma campus. UW Autism Center- Tacoma offers diagnostic, treatment, and training services to children and adolescents from birth through adulthood and their families.
  • Innovative New Scientist Award: Congratulations to Dr. Natalia Kleinhans who received a Biobehavioral Research Award for Innovative New Scientists (BRAINS)! Her project will examine how neurobiological mechanisms contribute to atypical brain habituation in individuals with ASD. Children between 8-12 years of age with and without ASD will participate in the study.


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  • New UW Autism Center Director! We are delighted to announce Dr. Annette Estes has assumed the Director role for the UW Autism Center. Dr. Estes has been with the UW Autism Center since it was founded by Dr. Geraldine Dawson in 2000. She is a licensed child clinical psychologist and is a Research Associate Professor with the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences and an Adjunct Research Associate Professor with the Department of Psychology. Dr. Estes’ research interests include early intervention, early recognition, and examining the role of the family in supporting positive outcomes for people with ASD.
  • Announcing a new UWAC program: In August we will launch our new “ABA Boot Camp,” an intensive 3-day training for people who wish to do home-based therapy for young children on the autism spectrum.
  • New website for the South Sound: The South Puget Sound Autism Partnership (SSAP) has a Facebook page, be sure to check them out!
  • Looking for a Family Fun Activity? The first Saturday of each month the Seattle Children’s Museum opens early for their sensory sensitive hours. For more information please see their flyer.
  • My Next Step video now online with Spanish subtitles.
    Visit the Resources tab above then select the Resource DVD for more information.
  • UWAC Clinicians in the news: UW Autism Center clinicians Julie George, M.Ed. and Kelly Johnson, Ph.D. were quoted in a recent ParentMap article, “Parenting Children with Special Needs.”  Click here to see the full story.


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  • Former UW Autism Center Director of Clinical Services, Raphael Bernier, Ph.D., is interviewed in a Q13 Fox TV news report about Autism and Bullying. Broadcast September 6, 2012.
  • Brain differences found at 6 months in infants who later develop autism
    Two UW Autism Center researchers, Stephen Dager, MD, and Annette Estes, PhD, are co-authors on a multisite study of brain development in 92 infants who have older siblings with autism. The study used brain imaging to identify white matter fiber tracts (connections) throughout the brain in this group of infants at high genetic risk for autism. Results revealed that infants who developed autism had different patterns of white matter development relative to those who did not. These results have potential implications for identifying early biomarkers for autism, and also suggest that autism affects the whole brain (rather than a specific region) at this young age. This study was conducted by the IBIS Network and is published in the most recent edition of the American Journal of Psychiatry.


  • Survey from the South Sound Partnership: In order to meet the needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families located within the South Puget Sound, a coalition of service providers, advocates, and community members have formed the South Sound Autism Partnership.  The South Sound Autism Partnership would like to receive community feedback on the current issues and barriers facing persons with ASD and their families and what activities the Partnership could provide that would be most beneficial.  Please take our short survey here.  Thank you for taking an interest in improving the lives of people with ASD living in the South Puget Sound.
  • UWAC Offers Training in the Early Start Denver Model: The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is an intervention developed by Drs. Sally Rogers and Geraldine Dawson, and is based on the principles of child development and appliedbehavior analysis. A recent randomized clinical trial foundthat ESDM improved outcomes for very young children with ASD. UWAC is delighted to sponsor an ESDMtraining workshop this summer. The Introductory Workshop will be held on August 16, and the Advanced Workshop will be held from August 17-19. These workshops are intended for professionals, but parents and family members are welcome to register for the introductory workshop. CEUs are available.

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