Please use your independent judgement when engaging any new professional or starting a new service.  The UW Autism Center does not evaluate these resources, have specific knowledge of abilities of those listed, or necessarily agree with the information listed on website sources.


Advocacy Groups

AASPIRE – Academic Autism Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education was started by academics and autistics who recognized the need to work together to develop and implement research studies that truly benefit the autistic community.

Autistic Self-Advocacy Network
The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by and for autistic people.

Autism Society of America
National grassroots autism organization.

Autism Society of Washington
A chapter of Autism Society of America.

Autism Speaks
The nation’s largest autism science and advocacy organization.

Division of Developmental Disabilities, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
Assists individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to obtain services and support.

Eluna (formerly The Moyer Foundation) has served thousands of grieving children and written the play-book on how to run a grief camp.

National Council on Severe Autism
This group was started by parents to address the needs of severely impacted autistics and those with extreme behavioral challenges.

Square Pegs
The Square Pegs Adult Autistic Meetup Group is a place for those of us who are on any part of the spectrum, diagnosed or self-diagnosed, to get to know one another and make new friends without having to explain our eccentricities.

Washington State Medical Home
Resources and support from the Washington State Department of Health.

Finding the right help is hard. WithinReach makes it easy. We help people across the state navigate complex health and social service systems.

The Arc of King County
Advocacy & service group based in King County, a Chapter of The Arc.

WAAA – Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy
Expands access to healthcare, education and disability related services in Washington State.


Assessment Clinics

Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital & Health Center
Pediatric Psychology & Psychiatry.

University of Washington Child Development Clinic
Diagnostic, assessment and management plans for children from early childhood to adolescence with or at risk for neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Seattle Children’s Hospital
Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine.


Autism Training & Research

RetireGuide Seniors on the Autism Spectrum
Better understanding what autism looks like in seniors and how it may impact their lives can help make a difference for both them and their families.

TEACCH: Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication-handicapped Children
University of North Carolina School of Medicine, clinical services, training, and research program for individuals of all ages and skill levels with ASD.

University of Washington Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics
Resource for clinical care of youth and their families and training for medical students.

University of Washington Psychophysiology and Behavioral Systems Lab
State-of-the-art research into the etiology, course, and treatment of developmental disabilities in an academic training environment.


International Autism Resources

Global Autism Project
An advocacy organization for autism around the world.

INSAR – International Society for Autism Research
Scientific and professional organization devoted to advancing knowledge about ASD.