CFAR Trainee Support Grants

Closing Date

CFAR Trainee Support Grants help fund a variety of activities for students, fellows, and junior faculty which are directly relevant to their career development.

The purpose of the program is to provide modest support to enhance career development of trainees and junior investigators pursuing research careers in HIV/AIDS and to encourage collaboration with other HIV/AIDS investigators.

The competition for the 2015-2016 Grant year is currently on hold pending availability of funds. An announcement will be made to the CFAR mailing list if the competition is opened. 


Must be trainees (pre or post-doctoral fellows, acting or junior faculty [Assistant Professor or below in rank]) with a demonstrated commitment to a career in research on HIV/AIDS at one of the CFAR's affiliated local or international institutions.

Types of Activities

Costs of graphics, meeting registration fees, travel costs for educational activities which will enhance collaboration, reprints, publication (page) charges, etc. For scientific meetings which have presentations by attendees, funds will only be awarded if an investigator is making a presentation (oral or poster) and intending to foster existing or new collaborations. 

All costs must be directly related to HIV/AIDS research. "HIV-related research" is defined broadly, and includes basic science, clinical, behavioral epidemiological, and health services research. " 

Implementation Science efforts apply inter-disciplinary research approaches to improve the speed, efficiency and quality of translation of scientific evidence on HIV and STI prevention and care into effective, large scale health programs.

Requests for computers are not accepted.

Funding Available

Up to $1,000 per award. Maximum one award per year per person. No mentors will be allowed to have more than one mentee receive an award. Unsuccessful applicants may apply again.

Note that awards may support up to 75% of the cost of an activity and matching funds must pay for the remainder. Matching funds may be provided by the trainee, a mentor, department, or other source.

Award Criteria

Demonstration that the activity will contribute toward a trainee's development as an HIV/AIDS investigator (e.g. foster collaborations, acquire new knowledge, new skills, new experience, etc.). Priority will be given to applicants with a doctoral degree for whom the activity is dependent on the CFAR award.

Post-Award Requirement

Awardees must report to Dr. Collier on how the award contributed toward their development as an HIV/AIDS investigator.

Application Instructions

Please fill out this webform.

Note that there will be QUARTERLY DEADLINES for these awards. If the request is to attend a meeting other than one of the major HIV/AIDS meetings, please include/send a copy of the meeting brochure. If you have questions, please contact Lauren Sterling via email or phone at (206) 744-8876.