Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center

Welcome to the RSO resources tab for all ECC affiliated RSOs! 

Quick RSO History & facts about the ECC

May 6, 1968 | Black Student Union submits letter of 5 Demands to President Odegaard

May 20, 1968 | BSU and allies occupy Odegaard’s Office

1970 | Dr. Samuel E. Kelly appointed as Vice President of OMA&D

1972 | Establishment of ECC

What the ECC is today

  • For over 49 years, the Kelly ECC has been the center of the university’s effort to encourage bot multicultural exchanges and learning beyond the classroom
  • The ECC is funded by the Services and Activities Fee (SAF) and is open to all UW students
  • For RSOs to affiliate with the ECC, RSO’s mission and vision must be consistent with the Kelly ECC
  • The Kelly ECC supports and advises over 100 diverse student organizations every year

Kelly ECC Leadership Development

Our core areas of emphasis are:

  • Leadership Development
  • Education on Social Justice
  • Advising for Student Organizations
  • Diversity Programming & Training
  • Sacred Space

Our Belief

It is our belief that a significant amount of student’s learning takes place outside of the classroom through engagement and involvement in:

  • Student Organizations
  • Community engagement/participation
  • Mentorship
  • On-campus leadership opportunities (examples: Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMA&D), Student Advisory Board, ASUW, RSO Office positions, etc)
  • Kelly ECC student staff positions

Leadership Programs - Examples of Kelly ECC Leadership programs include

  • Diversity Leadership Conference
  • Education & Training workshops
  • Mentor Power for Success
  • ECC Community Bond Night
  • Social Justice Speaker Series
  • Quarterly Faculty Spotlight
  • RSO Awards/GALA

Advisor for Student Leadership

Cass Nguyen’s role as the Advisor for Leadership includes:

  • Overseeing the RSO Training/Orientation & Affiliation Process
  • Assist with a variety of issues RSOs may be facing
  • RSO Meeting/Reservations
  • Leadership and Organizational development (providing guidance, workshops, trainings)
  • Co-sponsorship requests, funding, and fundraising
  • Compliance with UW policies and guidelines
  • Coordinating and planning events & programs (consulting)

Cass will be having weekly drop-by advising hours for the following days/times during the 2024 winter quarter:

  • Mondays 6-8 PM in the ECC (Office 229)
  • Thursdays 2-4 PM in the ECC (Office 229)

By being an affiliated RSO with the Kelly ECC, your RSO will have the following access:

  • Meeting, Event & Theater Space
  • Student Diversity Event Fund (if a program/event needs additional funding)
  • Student Organizational Advising
  • Event Promotional Support (via listservs, mailings, etc)
  • Kelly ECC Premium Spaces
  • Leadership & Organizational Development

In order to support RSOs, the ECC wants to provide best practices for RSOs.

Links to funding resources for RSOs

Advice from student leaders:

Leadership transition tips

  • Create meaningful bonds with each other
  • Understand expectations of your role/position
  • Start planning prior to Fall quarter
  • Outline goals for each quarter
  • Share personal goals and excitement
  • Schedule overlap time for incoming leaders to shadow outgoing leaders

Outgoing officer tips

  • Make sure to connect (whether via email, zoom meeting, in person meeting) with incoming officers (especially those who are filling in your role) and giving them an insight to what they may expect in the role, any materials they should be aware of in their role, etc.
  • Set-up retreat/get together over the summer for team building and planning for Fall quarter and beyond.
  • Trust in the creative vision of the incoming team!
    • Evolution in organizational direction is expected, give grace for changes
  • Find ways to still be involved with your RSO if you are not graduating 

Incoming officer tips

  • Be proactive and reach out to outgoing officers, advisers, and peers if you have questions or want feedback
  • Taking care of yourself is important
  • Make time to build friendships with your fellow officers
    • Lean on each other

Caring for your RSO community

  • Connect to check-in with others
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  • Work to build cross-cultural community 
    • Open up your events! Extend them invitations
    • Build solidarity with other RSOs
      • What does/CAN this look like?

Documentation tips

  • Technology is your friend! Use it to your greatest advantage
    • Ex. Discord for communication
  • Keep a google drive/shared workspace where everything is in one place and accessible
    • Google Drive will not be accessible using shared emails (your RSO emails) but you will still have access with your personal UW emails
  • Have a game plan to hand off items
    • Keep notes of position descriptions, key duties & responsibilities, tasks, hour commitment, 
  • Have back-ups in accessible areas so nothing gets losts
    • Bank accounts, emails, passwords, constitutions

Tips and tricks from students

  • Building community through your relationships is everything!
  • Utilize your resources! 
    • SAO Advisor 
    • Fund/Grant Opportunities (SDEF, ECC, etc.)
    • Fellow RSO communities
    • External CBO’s (Community Based Organizations)
  • You are the breath of life for the longevity of the RSO! 
  • Communication is key!
  • It’s important as a leader to show vulnerability and openness to students since that’ll make you more approachable and create a safe space where everyone feels welcomed
  • Make sure you provide guidance for student leaders that come after you! Many students may not have that much experience and may not know how to successfully lead, so providing advice can greatly help the outcome of their leadership
  • Feel confident in your abilities!

Tips and tricks from ECC staff

  • The Kelly ECC is open during the summer (perhaps a meeting place)
    • Email
  • Schedule meetings early rather than later
  • Utilize virtual meetings platforms
  • We are here for you!