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October 13, 2023

Afghan hunger striker spotlights US-Taliban dirty deal

By Henry Noble, GHJ Team

On September 1, 2023 Tamana Paryani began a hunger strike in Cologne, Germany for the rights of Afghan women. She is demanding that the United Nations and the German government declare the Taliban government is misogynist and practices gender apartheid. Ms. Paryani, a women’s rights defender, was arrested by the Taliban and suffered 26 days…

September 15, 2023

Mexico’s Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion nationwide

By Henry Noble

┬íVictoria! Wave High the Green Bandanas! Years of concerted action by reproductive rights activists in Mexico have just gained a huge win. “Today is the day of victory and justice for Mexican women!” declared Mexico’s National Institute for Women. “No woman or pregnant person, nor any health worker, will be able to be punished for…