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Restoration Ecology

Routledge handbook of ecological and environmental restoration
Stories from the Leopold shack
Beyond the war on invasive species
Earth repair
Restoration ecology : the new frontier
Introduction to restoration ecology
Ecological restoration and environmental change
Human dimensions of ecological restoration
Making nature whole
Rambunctious garden
Restoring ecological health to your land
Ecological restoration

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Outdoor Learning for Teachers and Future Teachers

The outdoor classroom in practice, ages 3-7 :
The sky above and the mud below :
A little bit of dirt :
The outdoor classroom :
Nature sparks :
Outdoor learning environments :
Messy maths :
No student left indoors :
Nature play & learning places :
Ricky's atlas :
Learning with nature :
Learning is in bloom :
Ellie's strand :
Forest kindergartens :
Nature preschools and forest kindergartens :
Forest School and autism :
Little walks, big adventures :
Preschool beyond walls :
Lens on outdoor learning /
Hey kids! Out the door, let's explore! /
Let's take it outside! :
Teaching STEM outdoors :
Woods /
Say "Yes!" to kids with disabilities :
Moving the classroom outdoors :
Dirty teaching :
Schoolyard-enhanced learning :
Asphalt to ecosystems :
To look closely :
Ellie's log :

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Ecology of plant-derived smoke : its use in seed germination
The manual of plant grafting
Growing trees from seed
The encyclopedia of seeds
Native trees, shrubs, & vines : a guide to using, growing, and propagating North American woody plants
Plant propagation : principles and practices
Breeding ornamental plants
Plant tissue culture
A color atlas of plant propagation and conservation
Propagation of Pacific Northwest native plants

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Rare Plants and Plant Conservation

The quiet extinction
Field guide to the rare plants of Washington
DNA and tissue banking for biodiversity and conservation
Taxonomy and plant conservation
Plant conservation : an ecosystem approach
Plant conservation : a natural history approach
Food from the radical center : healing our land and communities
The plant Messiah : adventures in search of the world
Plant conservation : why it matters and how it works
Plant reintroduction in a changing climate
The last great plant hunt

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Coping with Climate Change

Climate-wise landscaping
Greywater, green landscape
A new garden ethic
Garden revolution
The carbon farming solution
Planting design for dry gardens
The new shade garden
The gardener
A people
Walden warming
Landscapes of change
Growing food in a hotter, drier land
Rebuilding the foodshed
A native plants reader
Ecological restoration and environmental change
Weed biology and climate change
High-impact, low-carbon gardening
The conscientious gardener
The resilient garden
The global forest
The climate conscious gardener
Beyond naturalness
Early spring
Plants at the margin
Harnessing farms and forests in the low-carbon economy

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Alternative Agriculture and Food Systems

The carbon farming solution
Manifestos on the future of food & seed
Street farm
Farm the city
Rebuilding the foodshed
The vertical farm
Carrot city
Change comes to dinner
Sharing the harvest
The earth knows my name
Public produce
Breaking through concrete
Eat up
The fruitful city
The urban farmer
Land & power
Growing roots
Integrating sustainable agriculture
Growing a revolution
In search of meadowlarks
Sowing seeds in the desert
Freedom farmers
A nation of farmers
The urban food revolution