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Articles about the Miller Library

Title Author Publication Year
Progress in the Elisabeth C. Miller Library Valerie Easton Horticulture Northwest 1986
The Elisabeth C. Miller Library: A Library For Gardeners Steven R. Lorton Washington Park Arboretum Bulletin 1993
Planting A Library Michael Lynn interview with Elisabeth Miller Garden Notes 1994
Library Celebrates Tenth Anniversary Laura Lipton Garden Notes 1995
A New Community Library Brian Thompson Washington Park Arboretum Bulletin 2005
Horticulture library to reopen in rebuilt building Valerie Easton Seattle Times 2005
Unique Seattle Horticultural Library Has Deep Roots, Celebrates 25 Years Lynda V. Mapes Seattle Times 2010
Too Many Books: Why I Use The Miller Library Daniel Mount Garden Notes 2015
A Brief History Of The Elisabeth C. Miller Library Daniel Mount Garden Notes 2015
Betty And The Books And Us Daniel Mount Garden Notes 2016

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