Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity (RAPA)

RAPA cover

The Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity (RAPA) questionnaire was designed to provide clinicians with a tool for quickly assessing the level of physical activity of their older adult patients. It was developed after a review and evaluation of existing written questionnaires, and was found to be reliable and valid compared with the longer, validated Community Healthy Activities Model Program for Seniors (CHAMPS) questionnaire.

You are welcome to view the RAPA and the TAPA, but if you would like to use either of these tools, please fill out a short registration form so we can track its usage: RAPA Registration.

The RAPA may be used for personal use, clinical practice, or research, provided that it is not sold or altered without our permission. Suggested citation:

University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center, © 2006.
Funded in part by the Centers for Disease Control. Reproduced with permission.

  • RAPA (English version)
  • RAPA (European Spanish version)
  • RAPA (Mexican Spanish version)
  • RAPA (Vietnamese version)

The Mexican Spanish version of the RAPA was produced through translation and then back translation. We conducted focus groups with Spanish speakers regarding the wording and the examples. Read about the translation protocol in The Linguistic Validation of the Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity.

The European Spanish version also met the standards of the translation protocol.

Read an article about the RAPA: Topolski TD, LoGerfo J, Patrick DL, Williams B, Walwick J, Patrick MB. The Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity (RAPA) among older adults. Prev Chronic Dis 2006;3(4):A118.

Telephone Assessment of Physical Activity (TAPA)

HPRC investigators revised the RAPA for use as a telephone-based measurement tool for assessing physical activity in older adults.

Read an article on the development and preliminary validation of the TAPA. (The TAPA questionaire is included in the appendix of the article.) Mayer CJ, Steinman L, Williams B, Topolski T, Logerfo JP. Developing a Telephone Assessment of Physical Activity (TAPA) Questionnaire for Older Adults. Prev Chronic Dis 2008;5(1).