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Carefully Read The Following License Agreement

Though this software is being provided free of charge, you will be obligated to abide by this agreement.

NESAC/BIO Toolbox License Agreement

This software should only be acquired by download from http://depts.washington.edu/nesacbio/mvsa/multivariate-surface-analysis-.... If you received this software by any other means, please delete it and acquire it from the website listed above.

The University of Washington and the National ESCA and Surface Analysis Center for Biomedical Problems (NESAC/BIO) give permission for you and your institution to use the NESAC/BIO Toolbox developed at the University of Washington by Dan Graham Ph.D. on the following conditions:

The software remains at your institution and is not published, distributed, sold, or otherwise transferred or made available to anyone else. Please refer interested users to the mvsa website (https://depts.washington.edu/nesacbio/mvsa/multivariate-surface-analysis...) if they want their own copy.

The software is not modified. Please send all suggestions for features or notes of errors to NESAC/BIO.

You provide NESAC/BIO with feedback on the use of the software in your research and instruction, and that the University of Washington is freely permitted to use any information you provide in making changes to the software, and are permitted to have control over when and how new versions of the software will be made available for both academic or commercial (for profit) research

You acknowledge in any publications or public disclosures of research involving or based on the software in the following fashion:
-An acknowledgment to Dan Graham, Ph.D. and NESAC/BIO’s funding source (NIH grant EB-002027) must be included in any published manuscript where the NESAC/BIO toolbox has been used. Suggested wording for the acknowledgment is “The authors thank Dan Graham, Ph.D., for developing the NESAC/BIO Toolbox used in this study and NIH grant EB-002027 for supporting the toolbox development.
-The NESAC/BIO MVA website (https://depts.washington.edu/nesacbio/mvsa/multivariate-surface-analysis...) should be referenced when the NESAC/BIO Toolbox is mentioned in publications or presentations.
-When plotting the scores with the 95% confidence limit, it is requested that you reference the paper by Matt Wagner (Langmuir 17: 4649 (2001)) wherein the methodology of the script is discussed.

The author provides no guarantee that the software will work on your computer with your current version of Matlab. Any risk associated with using the software at your institution is with you and your institution.

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