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Inserting Google Surveys

This tutorial will show you how to insert a Google Survey to your page. If you have not created your survey, please click here to learn how to create surveys using Google Docs.
  1. Go the your Google Sites page you would like to display your survey on and click Edit page.
  2. Click Insert > Spreadsheet form.
  3. Choose the form you want to embed and click Select.
  4. Another window will appear, and you can customize the appearance of your form here.
    Customize how your form is displayed
  5. Click Save once you are finished.

Display a chart of survey results

  1. Let's say you have yes or no questions on your survey as shown below and would like to show a chart that shows the results.
  2. Every form you make in Google Docs will have an automatically generated spreadsheet with the result. Go to Google Docs and open your survey's spreadsheet.
    Spreadsheet with results
  3. In this sample, we would like to have a chart that shows the number of yeses and nos on column B and C. The spreadsheet cannot automatically count these numbers, so you must write formulas to compute them. Set this up on place that will not overlap with the survey results, in this case on columns G-I.
    We want to count the number of yeses for Sample Question 1 on column B. The formula for this would be =countif(B:B,"Yes"). Do the same for the number of nos for Sample Question 1, and yeses and nos for Sample Question 2. Make sure you change the formulas to their corresponding ranges (e.g. =countif(B:B,"No") for the number of nos for Sample Question 1).
    Spreadsheet formulas
  4. Highlight the countif data (including the row and column titles), then go to Insert > Chart
    Insert chart
  5. The Chart Editor will show up like below. You can customize the chart using the options provided.
  6. Click Insert. You will see a chart like shown below.
  7. To get the above chart on your page, click on Chart > Save Image to download it to your computer.
  8. You can now upload and insert this chart image to your Google Sites web page.