Organizational Structure

Key elements of ARC NW's organizational structure include a community advisory board, a core and affiliate membership, a management group, and participation in local and cross-center workgroups.

Community Advisory Board

The Health Promotion Research Center's Community Advisory Board is our external sounding board for ARC NW activities.

Core Members

Core members are individuals from partner organizations who are actively involved in developing program priorities and implementing program activities. List of members

Affiliate Members

Affiliate members are individuals from the community or scientific sector who are committed to the ARC NW mission and available to provide expertise, representation, or resources to projects and workgroups. List of members

Management Group

The management group consists of a subset of core members who manage administrative and process details. They are responsible for making day-to-day decisions (research decisions are made by the entire ARC NW core membership).


Workgroups are convened to focus on specific research topics, projects, or cross-center collaborations. The lifespan of each workgroup depends on available resources and community needs. Description of workgroups