Meet the Miller Lab, 2011!

To kick-start the Miller Lab blog, the graduate students have prepared “blurbs” describing their current research interests. Find out more about the members of the Miller Lab here, or leave us a question in the comments.

Emily Fawcett, MCB graduate student
The inherent contradiction of a toxic gas that can elicit beneficial effects sparked my interest in the genetic mechanisms behind an organism’s response to hydrogen sulfide (H2S). I am especially interested in understanding the intricacies behind the dose and time dependent response to H2S on a molecular level.

When C. elegans are exposed to sub-lethal levels of H2S during development, they are able to survive otherwise lethal concentrations later in life. My current research interests are focused on understanding the genetic response and pathways behind this “remembered” adaptation to H2S.

Joe Horsman, Biochemistry Graduate Student
Organisms must constantly adapt to a complex and ever changing environment. To thrive, organisms must form a cogent and appropriate response to every stress.  My interest is how organisms are able to quickly and accurately respond to a changing environment.

The organismal effects of hydrogen sulfide are varied and complex with a poorly defined mechanism. My major aim is to decipher the pathways of organismal response to sulfide at a molecular level. I am particularly interested in effects on protein translation, and degradation. This will give an insight into how homeostasis is maintained in response is to a complex insults from the environment.


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