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The F.Y.I component of the Department of Pharmacology Intranet is an excellent place to start. This should be your first stop if you are looking for information, forms, and procedures...

What if I have more questions?

Please stop by the main Pharmacology office in E-401, or give us a call at 543-1970.
We'll be happy to help you!


Orientation Information

Overview of all research-related trainings

Rotation Talks schedule


For Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance; Retirement Plans:

Recreational activities 

There is a variety of recreational facilities (pools, racquetball courts, gymnasiums, weight training rooms, tennis courts) available to faculty, students, and staff members. Information regarding facilities and programs can be obtained at the IMA Building. Operating hours for the facilities vary. You can check to find out the current hours by calling 206-543-4590. Membership in the IMA is free to students and is available to staff members for an annual or quarterly fee (staff ID cards must be shown at purchase). Guests can use the facility if accompanied by a member.
More at

Paychecks and Pay periods 

Everyone is paid on the 10th and 25th of each month. The paycheck received on the 10th is for the pay period consisting of the 16ththrough the end of the previous month. The paycheck received on the 25th is for the pay period consisting of the 1ththrough the 15th. If the scheduled pay day falls on a Saturday, you will be paid on the preceding Friday. If the scheduled pay day falls on a Sunday, you will receive your paycheck on the following Monday. In the event that the payday falls on a holiday, you will be paid the day before the holiday.

Payroll Direct Deposit is the process in which your net pay is electronically deposited to the checking or savings account of your choice on payday.

Your funds should become available in your bank account on payday. If not, please contact your bank directly if your funds are not available.

Direct Deposit is set up in Workday.

More information at

Temporary Faculty Housing

The University of Washington has a "Visiting Faculty Housing Service," which helps new and visiting faculty to find temporary housing in the Seattle area. The service is free; the office is staffed by volunteers (members of the Faculty Auxiliary). You may e-mail the service directly at and they will return to you, by e-mail, a housing request form. The service will then match a list of housing available with your request for housing.

Federal and State Workplace Employee Rights Posters

Federal and State compliance posters are available at the University of Washington to ensure that you have an access to information about your rights under the law.

UW Human Resources and the UW Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action have partnered to improve the University's practices for the display of federal and state required poster, and have designated nine public poster display locations where all required compliance posters are physically displayed.

Employees may also access the most up-to-date electronic versions of compliance posters at any time by viewing the Poster Page for Employees:

Policies and Procedures 


The University has specific procedures that cover both the placing of travel reservations and the methods for reimbursement of expenses incurred while traveling.

The Department of Pharmacology has responsibility to insure that faculty and staff are aware of and understands the rules and regulations set forth by the State and the University surrounding official University travel.

Please contact Pharmacology Fiscal Staff (located in E401) prior to any University affiliated travel.

Instructions Prior to Travel

If the traveler is a Postdoc, staff or student, traveling in conjunction with research please obtain PI approval prior to booking travel. If the traveler is using Department funds please obtain Department Administrator written approval prior to booking travel. This can be in email form. Create a "Reimbursemement" order with all anticipated expenses for your trip (detailed instruction are available in PurchasePATH).

Instructions within 48 hours of Travel Completion

Submit all receipts and documentation to Pharmacology Fiscal Staff (located in E401) within 48 hours of returning from your trip for processing. Please include the PurchasePATH Order ID # on your receipts.

  • Flight itinerary
  • Copy of conference/meeting schedule
  • Lodging folio showing payment information
  • Rental car receipt showing payment information
  • Mileage documentation of personal mileage including beginning and ending address
  • Receipts for miscellaneous expenses
Pharmacology Travel Checklist

Additional expenses or significant changes to anticipated expenses not requested prior to travel will require a new Reimbursement request to be submitted in PurchasePATH.

Traveler Responsibilities

A traveler on official University business is responsible for being familiar and complying with the State, University and Department travel and transportation regulations before embarking on travel, selecting travel options that are most economical to the University / State and paying any excess costs and any additional expenses incurred for personal preference or convenience.

If a traveler combines a vacation or other personal use onto a legitimate business trip, it is allowed only where ALL of the following conditions exist:

  • The primary purpose of the trip is official state business;
  • The traveler uses, where necessary, his or her approved leave for the vacation or personal part of the trip; and
  • The University does not incur any extra expenses beyond what it would normally incur had the trip occurred without any personal use coupled to the trip. Per diem is not to be granted for the leave of absence period nor expenses allowed for transportation to and from the temporary duty station.

Local and Long Distance calls 

To dial a campus number, dial the last five digits of the number.

To dial an off-campus local number, domestic long distance, or Canada, dial '9', followed by the ten-digit number (including area code).


All Pharmacology staff members have a mailbox in one of the departmental mailrooms (D419 or K-wing hallway). Your mail should be addressed to:

D, E, and F Wings
(Your name)
Department of Pharmacology
University of Washington
Box 357280
Seattle WA 98195-7280
J and K Wings
(Your name)
Department of Pharmacology
University of Washington
Box 357750
Seattle WA 98195-7750

Express Mail (FedEx)
(Your name)
Department of Pharmacology
University of Washington
1959 NE Pacific Street, (Your Room Number)
Seattle WA 98195

In the D419 mailroom, mail is picked up and delivered once a day, at approximately 1:00 PM. There are two boxes for outgoing campus mail: one for upper campus and one for lower campus. There is also a box for mail bearing U.S. postage stamps.

The K-wing mail is delivered once a day, at approximately 9:30 AM.

If you have questions about sending a letter or package, either through the mail or by express carrier, talk to staff in the Pharmacology Fiscal office (E401).

FedEx packages are picked up in D419 at approximately 4 PM for Express Shipments. Pickup for FedEx Ground Shipments must be scheduled through FedEx (1-800-463-3339). A budget number must be used to send via FedEx.


Repair: Some equipment is owned by the lab itself, while some is owned by the department. The faculty member associated with your lab will know who owns the piece of equipment.

Report any problems with lab-owned equipment to the appropriate faculty member or research tech. Some equipment is on maintenance contract and some requires that a purchase order be issued for repairs. Repairs to equipment owned by the department must be reported to and authorized by the department administrator.

Surplus: Before you surplus any equipment, please see the Pharmacology Fiscal office (E401). All inventory equipment requires special paperwork in order to surplus, and inventory equipment and computers must be accounted for in our department databases.
Please see the Pharmacology Fiscal office (E401) before disposing of any equipment!

Transportation Options 

UW employees and registered students are eligible to purchase a U-PASS once they have received their Husky Card. Subscribing employees tap the Husky Card on the ORCA card readers in place of payment. Additional benefits include free rides on the NightRide Shuttle and discounts at participating merchants.

Check out the features of the new Husky Card:

For more information about the U-PASS, visit UW Commuter Services:

Students should also review our information about the student U-PASS:

Getting To Campus Links

Carpools & Vanpools

Riding the Bus or Train




Getting to Know Your Surroundings in Pharmacology 


D419: FedEx pickup, copy room, mail room

E401: Fiscal Group

E401A: Grants and Contract Manager

E419: Department Administrator

K540: Assistant to the Chair

K528: Graduate Program


D wing 4th floor: Women — D448, Men — D449

F wing 4th floor: Women — F418, F444; Men — F412, F445

K wing 3th floor: Men — K312; Women — K317

K wing 5th floor: Men — K512; Women — K517

Current Address & Phone 

It is important to keep your address and phone number current. Update your contact information in Workday.

Students also need to contact the registrar's office and inform them of any address changes. Classified staff, senior fellows and others who receive benefits need to email the benefits office ( to alert them of the change.

Copy and Fax Machines

Copy machines are located in rooms D419 and K536. You can also print to and scan from these machines. Instructions for setting up your computer for printing are here. You will need a copier code to use these machines.

Codes can be requested through the Pharmacology Fiscal Office (E401).

A fax machine is located in rooms E401.


Obtain access cards for perimeter doors of the Health Sciences Center and keys to your office/lab area from Anne Russell in E401A. Please do not exchange keys with other people; it makes it impossible to track our key inventory. Please check in your old key and check out the key that you need.

Building hours

Posted building hours for the Health Sciences/WH Foege Building are Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Access After Building Hours

Health Sciences Center Building Management has control of exterior doors for Health Sciences/Foege, hallway security doors, and other selected interior doors. These doors are usually open during the normal work week. Access cards are programmed to allow access through these doors after hours, weekends, and holidays. Please see Anne Russell in E401A to request an access card.

Computer support

In addition to the computers available in many of our research labs, there is a Student Computer Lab in room D429. The Student Computer Lab contains three Mac computers and three scanners. If these machines are busy, additional computers are available in the Health Sciences Library (3rd floor). See the UW Computing and Comunications web site at for information on computing labs outside the department of Pharmacology.

For help within Pharmacology with troubleshooting computer difficulties, contact Sally Weatherford in E419.


D 419 and outside K 540. Cardboard boxes are to be broken down and placed in the hallway. There are also recycling receptacles for plastic bottles and aluminum cans. See for more info.


The Pharmacology Fiscal Office (E401) maintains a supply of basic office supplies (including envelopes, pens, folders, notebooks, etc.). These are available for use by classified staff, research faculty, rotating first year graduate students, and second year TAs. In addition, each lab can place orders for office and lab supplies through PurchasePATH for use by research faculty, senior fellows and graduate students who have selected permanent labs. In most labs there is one person who handles all the ordering; if you need anything that is not available, ask this person to order the item for you.

D wing library and K wing conference room reservations and use

The D wing library (D423) and the K wing conference room (K550) are available for use.

You may sign up for the D wing library and the K wing conference room on-line.

Priority is given to departments/faculty from the floor on which the particular conference room is located. Unreserved days and times are held for 'unscheduled' needs of the aforementioned departments/faculty. K550 is a keypad code and should be locked when not in use. Keycode can be obtained from K-Wing staff in K528 or K540.


The Health Sciences Library is located in the T Wing (T231). See the UW Directory for a complete listing.

Safeguard valuables 

There is an illusion of safety in our workplace, yet this is a large, public building and strangers are often in the hallways. Thefts in the Health Sciences Center can, and do, occur at any time.

Extra precautions should be taken to safeguard personal valuables (purses, handbags, billfolds, laptops, etc.) Do not leave them lying around! The areas in which you are working should be locked when you leave, even if you leave for just a few minutes. Alternatively, lock your valuables in a drawer or file cabinet.

If you bring in a laptop, be sure to secure it with a lock.

Observe and immediately report any strangers walking around in labs or offices who appear to be there without a reason or seem suspicious.

For EMERGENCIES, Call 9-1-1
For non-emergencies, call 206.685.UWPD (8973)

University Bookstore

The University Bookstore is located at 4326 University Way NE.

Cash Machines (ATMs) Locations

4th Floor T-wing Entrance

3rd Floor Hospital Lobby

I-wing Rotunda

Outside the 2nd Floor, west entrance to the South Campus Center


Closest to D, E, F wings:
E Court Café (2nd floor, E wing)
Hospital Cafeteria 1st floor

Closest to K wing:
I-wing Rotunda, 1st floor I-wing
Foege Building cafeteria

For daily menu offerings at all food service locations on campus, visit For your convenience, you may enroll in U Plan, a prepaid á la carte food plan designed for use in campus cafeterias. U Plan offers the convenience of not having to carry cash for meals. Visit the Online Husky Card Office to enroll.


E416 Microwaves and Refrigerators - for all department members
K wing 5th floor

Gift Shop

There is a gift shop on the third floor of the University Hospital's lobby, where greeting cards, magazines, candy and actual gifts are sold, and nearby is the Tea Room. The shops are open weekdays. The South Campus Center has a stand that also sells magazines and candy, and a small satellite branch of the University Bookstore. They are located on the second floor.

UW Today

UW Today is the University's online publication, produced by the Office of News & Information. It is sent by email to all UW employees every Thursday, with news and features, Spotlight Stories, classifieds and community photos.

Getting Around On Campus 

Campus Maps

Visitors Information

The Visitor's Information Center offers information about the University, Seattle and the Puget Sound area. Travel brochures, lists of local events, and other information is available. The center is located at 4014 University Way NE, across from Schmitz Hall (8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday).

UW Computing 

University IT is provided to the University of Washington by UW Technology. Most questions about computing are answered on their website.

As a part of the School of Medicine, we are subject to their rules regarding security of our computers and network. Everyone is required to sign a compliance agreement, which in essence outlines rules for keeping our computers and network secure, such as:
have a secure password
keep antivirus software active and up-to-date
keep firewall turned on
do not download or install unlicensed or unauthorized software

Computing & Communications Resources

The department of Pharmacology provides support for departmentally owned computers. Instructions for several common computing tasks can be found online.

RICOH MFP instructions (D419 and K536): 

Driver Instructions for downloading and installing the driver for, and setting up and using the RICOH MFPs in rooms D419 and K528.

Please contact the Pharmacology Fiscal office (E401) if you need assistance.

LCD Scheduling 

  • Reservations are currently done on the web at Pharmacology's calendar site.
  • When reserving the LCD, include the time you need for setup and return of the LCD back to E401. If you are unable to return the projector before the Fiscal Office staff leave for the day, it is your responsibility to check the online schedule and make arrangements to return the projector at least 15 minutes BEFORE the next reservation on the following business day. The Fiscal Office is open from 8am-5pm.
  • Reservations are made for current quarter only (started during the break before) with the exception of Pharmacology Sponsored Events and courses.
  • Reservations are first-come first-served.
  • Priority is only used if a conflict is more than two weeks in advance (see priority listing below), or the scheduling requests are happening on the same day. 'Bumping' is not allowed just because a user forgot to reserve the LCD!
  • Please do not reserve the LCD 'just in case.' Limit your reservations to confirmed events so that everyone will have access to the LCD when it is needed.
LCD Reservation Priority
  1. Pharmacology Sponsored Events, Seminars and Symposiums
  2. Pharmacology Courses (includes JClub, Seminar, and Dissertations)
    Note: Classroom Support Services also has LCD projectors available for use while teaching courses. Many classrooms have a built in projector as well.
  3. Joint Courses
  4. Pharmacology Meetings (Faculty and Admin)
  5. Lab Meetings
  6. Student Presentations (other than courses)
LCD On-line Setup Instructions

The LCD is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers:

  1. Connect the power cords to the LCD and to your computer.
  2. Turn on the LCD.
  3. Connect one end of the cable to the blue 'Computer' port on the LCD.
  4. Connect the other end of the cable to your computer's video-out port or monitor port.
  5. Press the Source Search button on the projector or the remote control until your computer image is displayed.
  6. To raise the image, press the blue foot release button for the front adjustable foot and lift the front. Release the button to lock the foot in position.
  7. Turn the focus ring to sharpen the image. Turn the zoom ring to reduce or enlarge the image.
  8. CAUTION! Before you unplug the projector, shut down the projector properly. Press the Power Button twice. When the orange light stops flashing and the projector beeps you can unplug the projector.
Setup Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with the LCD, always check these items FIRST.

  1. Verify the power connections to the projector and your computer
  2. Verify the connections from the LCD to your computer
  3. Verify that the power has been turned on
  4. Check if lens cap is mounted
  • If you see a blank screen or you don't see the image you are trying to project from your computer, make sure the Power light on the projector is green and not flashing, and the A/V Mute slide is open. If the screen is still blank, restart your computer or press the Source Search button on the projector again.
    WINDOWS: Hold down the Fn button on the keyboard and press the function key that lets you display on an external monitor. It may have an monitor or computer icon or it may be labeled CRT/LCD
  • If your projector and computer don't display the same image, do the following:
    WINDOWS: Try using the CRT/LCD or function key with monitor/computer icon, as described above. If this doesn't work, double-click Display in the Windows Control Panel. Make sure both the LCD screen and monitor port are enabled. (Allow a few seconds for the projector to sync up.) See your Windows online help for details.
    MACINTOSH OS X: From the Apple menu, select System Preferences, then click Displays. Select the VGA Display or Color LCD dialog box, click the Arrangement (or Arrange) tab, and make sure Mirror Displays is checked.
  • If you see an image but it's not displayed correctly, press the Auto button on the remote control to automatically readjust it.

Student Computer Lab 

In addition to the computers available in many of our research labs, there are three Macintosh computers and three scanners in the Student Computer Lab in room D429.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind while using the Student Computer Lab:

Use policy

The Pharmacology Student Computer lab is primarily intended for use by Pharmacology graduate students to complete academic and research projects. Other members of the Department are invited to use the lab for Pharmacology business when resources are available. All users are expected to practice common courtesy and respect the following guidelines.

- The lab is a shared resource.
  • Limit your time on the computers if the lab is busy or others are waiting.
  • You cannot "reserve" a computer by leaving your belongings on and around it. If you must leave the computer for a short break, leave a note with your expected return time on the computer. If you are gone for more than 10 minutes, your things may be removed and another user may claim the computer.
  • Do not leave open documents on the computers, or disks in the drives.
  • Clean up after yourself! Recycling bags and a trash can are available.
  • The lab is not intended as a study carrel or a meeting place. If not actively using the computers, please move to your lab, the library or breakroom.
  • A key is required for access.
  • Please make sure the door is closed and locked behind you as you leave!
  • A variety of word processing, imaging, graphics and internet tools are available.
  • Please do not load any software onto the computers in the student lab. Even small shareware applications and browser plug-ins can cause system conflicts.
Virus Protection
  • Sophos is installed and updated regularly on the computers in the Student Lab.
  • You must allow Sophos to scan our disks as they are mounted. Repair any problems immediately. Viruses spread quickly from the lab and can cause irreparable damage to your files.

The University of Washington has site-licensed Sophos antivirus software for computer virus protection. You may download the software from your UW computer from the UWARE website.

More information about securing your computer can be found at

Support and Maintenance
  • If you are experiencing problems with the student computer lab equipment, contact Sally Weatherford in E419.