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Stipends and Grants

Since July 1, 2018, our graduate student stipend is $2,850 per month.

The vast majority of our students successfully compete for intramural training grants at the University of Washington. More information on training grants that are available can be found at...

Pharmacological Sciences Training Program

Cell & Molecular Biology

National Science Foundation

Molecular Medicine

Tuition Bill

Each quarter you are enrolled at the University you will receive a tuition bill from the Student Accounts Office the first week of the quarter. Although you will see a lump sum tuition balance owed, there are actually three parts to this amount - the "operating" fee, the "tech" fee, and the "student" fee. Click here for current quarterly tuition rates (see "Graduate Tier 1"). The Department of Pharmacology will pay the operating fee and tech fee; you are responsible for the student fee. You must pay your fees on TIME by the DUE DATE. If you don't, you will incur late fees for which you will be responsible.

Secondly, you will see a amount owed for UPASS (a University-subsidized bus pass). The $84.00 per Quarter U-PASS fee that appears on student tuition statements allows all students to access the benefits of U-PASS membership. The U-PASS is a bus pass plus: the U-PASS provides faculty, staff and students with a variety of low-cost transportation options from buses, commuter train service and light rail, to vanpooling and discounted impromptu carpooling.

With a U-PASS, it's easy to save money and tread softly on the environment by choosing alternatives to driving alone. Or consider "mixing up your commute"—using an alternative when possible, driving when necessary.

Participation in the U-PASS program requires a valid Husky Card. U-PASS powered by ORCA will be a universal program for all eligible students on the Seattle campus.


  1. You are responsible for the student fee portion of your tuition bill. Always pay the activities fee and the fee for the UPASS by the tuition deadline. If you do not pay the student fee by this deadline, your registration will be cancelled.
  2. If you are receiving tuition bills that are incorrectly holding you responsible for the total tuition bill (rather than just the portion that is your responsibility), please talk to Diane so that she can correct it.

Short Term Loans

Graduate Appointee Insurance Program (GAIP)

Tuition due dates

The tuition due date is always the third Friday of the quarter. Payments must be received by this date to be considered on-time.

For more information, please see

Establishing Washington State Residency

There is a significant difference between the cost of in-state and out-of-state tuition charges at the University of Washington. The Department of Pharmacology strongly encourages you to establish residency in your first year here.

You need to begin establishing the basis for your application for residency in your first month here.

Things you should do now:

  • Register to vote by bringing a picture I.D. to the HUB information desk between 8-5.
  • Obtain a Washington State driver's license and change your car's registration.
  • Establish a bank account (if you have not already done so).
  • Start keeping your rent receipts and copies of other collateral evidence of residency.

If you have any questions, please ask Debbie.