Calvin Calcium*

CONCEPT: General Nutrition



Read a story and discuss the importance of calcium for our bodies. Children with PKU learn the best way for them to make sure they get enough calcium!



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • state that they need calcium to build strong bones and teeth
  • understand that they receive most of their calcium from their formula



  1. Introduce the topic: "Today we are going to read a story. It is about a little boy who decides to stop eating lots of healthy foods."
  2. Read The Calvin Calcium Story. Show and introduce the Calvin Calcium character.
  3. Discuss the story with the children and how it relates to them. Important points to include:
    • Calcium helps to make bones and teeth strong and to keep them strong. (Have children feel their bones--knee, ankle, etc.) Bones help us to move and they protect our bodies. (Have them feel their skull and ribs.)
    • All children (and adults) need lots of calcium.
    • Formula is the best source of calcium for people with PKU.
    • Other foods that have lots of calcium (milk, cheese, yogurt) are "no" foods for people with PKU.
  4. Make a Calvin Calcium character. Distribute an activity sheet to each child. Directions:
    • Color the calcium character.
    • Cut out the calcium character and the arms.
    • Punch out holes in the arms.
    • Fasten arms behind the character with paper fasteners.




*Adapted from the Connecticut Nutrition Education and Training Program, University of Connecticut
and State Department of Education Child Nutrition Programs, 1984.

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