Preschool Curriculum: Understanding You and PKU


Wicker's Wishes
Read a story about a Basset Hound who wishes for ears like anyone's but his own. Eventually, he discovers that there are many wonderful things about his ears. Discuss similarities and differences amongst children and learn that everyone is special and unique.

My Best Friend Is Me
Read a story about a hippo who has many friends, but also knows how to find things to do when he is by himself. He has ways of encouraging himself when he is feeling frustrated. Talk about how we can use some of the hippo's strategies when we are feeling discouraged.

Why Am I Different?
Read a story that describes differences among people (including growth, hereditary traits, specific physical conditions, abilities, preferences, home and neighborhood experiences, family standards, family composition, ethnic/religious/cultural backgrounds). Discuss why differences are important and why they are good. Make paper dolls demonstrating differences.

I Like Me
Read a book about a pig who feels good about herself, likes to try new things, and tries again when she makes mistakes. She also takes good care of herself. After reading the book, discuss this with the children

Alexander the Elephant Who Couldn't Eat Peanuts
Watch a video about an elephant who is allergic to peanuts. Then, discuss the similarities between PKU and food allergies.

Read a story about a girl who is teased about the food she eats because it is a little different than her classmates'. Her teacher decides to have an "International Food Day" where they can all try new foods. They discover that eating different foods is exciting.


Understanding You and PKU Curriculum for other ages:



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