Preschool Curriculum: Growing up with PKU


Avocado Baby
Read a story about a baby who refuses to eat any of its food. After trying many foods, the baby's siblings suggest trying an avocado pear and the baby's 'super milk'. Surprisingly, the baby loved both the 'super milk' and the avocado. From that day on the baby ate its avocado and 'super milk' every day, and grew to be big and strong. Lead a discussion and complete a worksheet about this topic.

Every Day is Special
Children read and color the Every Day is Special activity book. This activity book discusses daily routines, favorite activities, and eating the right kinds of foods to be healthy.

The Carrot Seed
Read a story about a boy who planted a carrot seed that no one thought would grow. He takes good care of the seed and soon it begins to grow into a beautiful carrot. Plant carrot seeds with the children, talk about how to take care of them, and talk about how people take care of themselves to be healthy.

The Body Engine
Read a story about a car that runs out of gas. The children learn that people need fuel to run, just like cars need fuel to run (but a different kind of fuel). Discuss the types of foods that are the best fuel for people with PKU.


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