Thanksgiving Cornucopia

CONCEPT: PKU Diet - Menu Planning



Learn about a cornucopia filled with "yes" foods and have fun making one!



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • state what a cornucopia is
  • recognize fruits and vegetables as "yes" foods



  1. Explain the word cornucopia.
    (It's a horn-shaped basket that holds lots of food. Because it holds plenty of food it is also called a Horn of Plenty. It is a symbol of nature's bounty. It was used by the pilgrims during Thanksgiving.)

    • Who knows what a cornucopia is?
    • When do you see them?
  2. Talk about the fruits and vegetables.
    Distribute a cut-out and colored vegetable or fruit to each child. Have them tell you one thing about their fruit or vegetable (such as it's name, color, smell, taste, or feel).
    • Are they "yes" or "no" foods?
    • Why? ( because they are low in protein/phe)
    • What colors can they be?
    • Can they be different shapes?
    • What is your favorite fruit?
    • What is your favorite vegetable?
  3. Cornucopia Activity:
    Distribute a cornucopia and fruit and vegetable sheet to each child. The children color and cut out the foods and paste them onto their cornucopia.





If you have a cornucopia at home for decoration, allow your child to pick out the fruits and vegetables and help fill it up.


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