Counting Goldfish

CONCEPT: Calculating Phe



Read a story about Carrie Crocodile who has PKU. She shows her friend Alicia Alligator how she is keeping a food record to keep track of the foods she eats.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • count up the total number of a food item, when given a simple amount
  • understand that counting foods is important to tell how much phe they are eating



  1. Read the story Counting Goldfish to the children.
  2. Count together: Help Carrie Crocodile count out 10 crackers to eat for a snack. Count together as a group.
  3. Give each child some Goldfish crackers and help them practice counting.
  4. Distribute the worksheet. Help the children, as needed. Discuss their answers. They can color the worksheet if there is time.





Help your child learn the importance of keeping track of their phes by helping them count out simple numbers of foods.



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