Fishing for Fruits and Vegetables

CONCEPT: Food Experiences



Children go "fishing" for fruits and vegetables and discuss what they "catch". They also get a chance to try a few fruits and vegetables.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • identify different fruits and vegetables
  • identify "yes" foods and "no" foods



  1. Set the stage: Explain that you are going "fishing" today for food. Has anyone ever been fishing before? Have you ever caught anything?

    Demonstrate how to use the fishing line. Do a practice food. Place the end of the fishing line into the paper sack. Gently lift it out of the bag and see what you caught!

  2. Go fishing! Let each child have at least one turn to go fishing.

    When they pull out their "catch", discuss what they "hooked", with questions such as:

    • What is it?
    • What color is it?
    • Is it a "yes" food or a "no" food?
    • If it's a "yes" food: have you tried it before?
  3. Activity Sheet:Distribute the fruit and vegetable activity sheet for the children to complete.
  4. Sample some fruits and vegetables: When finished with the activity, let the children sample a few different fruits and vegetables.



  • Fishing lines with a magnet attached to the end of each line
  • Pictures of a variety of foods, with a paper clip attached to each one (so they will hook to the magnet). Place the pictures in a large paper sack (the children will "fish" into this sack). Make sure to include plenty of pictures of fruits and vegetables.
  • acrobat reader logo Fruit and vegetable activity sheet
  • Crayons
  • Sliced fruits and vegetables, and dip


When at the grocery store, let your child pick out a new fruit or vegetable for your family to try.


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