The FoodS We Eat

CONCEPT: Food Experiences



Read a story about 12 children who are learning about new foods from their friends.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • learn color, texture, shape and temperature through the foods they eat
  • discover that the same foods are used by many cultures but are often prepared differently
  • recognize that we eat in many different ways



  1. Read the story The Foods We Eat. Tell the children that the story is about 12 children who are learning about new foods from their friends.
  2. Lead a discussion , asking questions such as:
    • page 4-5: What foods have you tasted? Which ones does your family eat? Let children come up one-by-one and name a fruit or vegetable. Have them tell something about it: shape, color, size?
    • page 6-7: Read the verse. What do you think are soft? Hard? Fuzzy? Bumpy? Rough? Smooth?
    • page 10-11: What foods are the children eating? How do you think they taste? What foods have you eaten that taste sour? Sweet? Salty?
    • page 12-13: What foods are the children eating? Which foods do your families eat?
    • page 16-17: Which utensils do you usually eat with? What foods are the children eating with each utensil?
    • page 18-19: What do the words of the story tell you? ( We eat different foods, and foods are fun to share.) Imagine you were at this party. Which foods would you choose? Which new foods would you try? (Talk about the "yes" foods in the pictures.)
  3. Explore foods: Pass some of the "yes" foods from the story around for the children to explore and become familiar with. Encourage them to touch and smell them. Talk about what they feel like and smell like.
  4. Cut up samples of each food. Encourage the children to taste the foods.



  • Book: The Foods We Eat by Many Hands Media, 1996.
    ISBN: 1-888566-01-9
  • "Yes" foods from the story for the children to touch, smell, and taste


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