Fruit Favorites

CONCEPT: Discovering Fruit...a "YES" Food!



Emphasize fruit as a low-phe food! Discuss different types of fruits and taste them!



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • identify "yes" and "no" foods
  • identify the names of several different types of fruits



  1. Lead a discussion about fruit.
    With the basket of different types of fruits, help the children to identify each fruit. What is its name? What color is it? Have you tried it before?
    Pass them around for the children to feel them. Are they heavy? Light? Soft? Hard?
  2. Distribute the activity sheet. Discuss what their favorite fruits are.
  3. Sample time! Let each child taste the different fruits. Which one is their favorite?



  • Variety of fresh fruits in a basket. Make sure to include fruits the children might not be familiar with. Also, slice some of each fruit and put on plates (for sample time).
  • acrobat reader logo Favorite Fruits Activity Sheet
  • Crayons


Offer your child a wide variety of fruits. When shopping at the store, help your child identify the different fruits and their colors. Let them pick out a fruit for your family to enjoy at home.


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