I Like Me

CONCEPT: Self Esteem and Taking Care of Yourself



Read a book about a pig who feels good about herself, likes to try new things, and tries again when she makes mistakes. She also takes good care of herself. After reading the book, discuss this with the children



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • share some things they like about themselves
  • describe something new they are not afraid to try
  • list their special food choices as a way for them to stay healthy



  1. Read the story I Like Me by Nancy Carlson.

  2. Lead a discussion with the following suggested questions:

    • What did the little pig like about herself?
    • What do you like about yourself? Do you like your eyes, hair, etc?
    • Was the pig afraid to try new things?
    • Are you afraid to try new things? Try new foods? What would you like to try?
    • How did the little pig look after herself? Did she brush her teeth to take care of herself? Keep clean? Brush her hair?
    • Did she eat good foods?
    • What kind of good foods do you eat?
    • Which foods are healthy for you?
    • Are there foods that are not healthy for you?
  3. Distribute the worksheets to the children: The "Things I do because I Like Me!" worksheet and the "What I Like Best About Me!" worksheet. Discuss them with the children and provide assistance as needed.




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