The Picky Pig - A Tale About Trying New Things

CONCEPT: Introduction to New Foods



Read a story about a pig who isolates herself from all the other pigs because she doesn't like what they do or what they eat. After awhile she discovers that she enjoys trying new things and has more fun too! Emphasize the importance of trying new foods and the fun of eating a variety of foods.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • identify "yes" and "no" foods
  • choose a new "yes" food to try at home



  1. Read the story The Picky Pig by Carol B. Kaplan.
  2. Lead a discussion with the children, asking questions such as:
    • Why was Paula Pig lonely and bored?
    • What happened when Paula tried new things?
    • What new things would you like to try?
  3. Distribute the worksheets. Help the children work through them, if needed. Discuss their answers with questions such as:
    • Name one "yes" food you colored.
    • Name one "no" food you crossed out.
    • Which new foods would you like to try?





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