Ronny Rabbit's Birthday Cake

CONCEPT: Food Experience



Read a story about a bear who learns how to make a birthday cake. Discuss the story and learn about cooking terms.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • describe simple terminology used in food preparation (stir, pour, weigh, measure)



  1. Read the story Ronnie Rabbit's Birthday Cake.
  2. Lead a discussion with the children. What does stirring mean? What is pouring? What is weighing? What is measuring? Use the props (measuring cups, spoons, bowls, scale) to demonstrate each term. Let the children practice.
  3. Distribute the worksheet. Help the children complete the worksheet, as needed. Discuss the answers. .





Include your child in simple meal or recipe preparation at home. Teaching and allowing them to measure, pour, stir, weigh, etc. is a great learning activity and an opportunity to work together!


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