Thanksgiving Cornucopia

CONCEPT: PKU Diet - Menu Planning



Read a story about a mouse who is allergice to green foods. He learns to find "yes" foods at a dinner full of "no" foods. Children learn to pick out the appropriate low-phe foods at special meals.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • identify "yes" and "no" foods
  • understand that they may be offered foods at holiday meals that they cannot eat, but that there are usually "yes" foods available too



  1. Read the story Theodore's Christmas Dinner.
  2. Discuss the story with the children, with questions such as:
    • What foods could Theodore not eat?
    • What happened when he ate green foods?
    • What foods are you not supposed to eat?
    • What happens when you eat high phe "no" foods?
    • Do your parents make sure there is always something you can eat at holiday meals?
    • What are your favorite foods to eat at holiday meals?
    • How do you know which foods you can eat? ( ask parents)
  3. For older kids, you might also discuss:
    • Why do you think Theodore saw only the foods he couldn't have?
    • Do you think you might do the same thing?
    • How will you know what food you can eat at holiday meals?
    • What might you eat?
  4. Distribute the activity sheet and coloring sheet. Help the children to complete the activity sheet, as needed. Discuss their answers.





  • Encourage your child to help in meal planning--especially during the holiday season.
  • Help your child to identify "yes" foods during special occasion meals and at restaurants.



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