The Phoos Move In

CONCEPT: Calculating Phe



Read a story about the Phoo family, who moves into the kitchen. Relate the Phoos to the phe in food and practice counting them



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • when given the phe content of three food items, the children can order them from the most to the least highest content of phe
  • children will be familiar with the concept of counting phe



  1. Read the story The Phoos Move In to the children.
  2. Lead a discussion:
    • Help the children relate the Phoos to how many phes are in various foods. Explain that some foods have more phes than other foods (just like in the story, some food had more Phoos than others).
    • Emphasize that it is important to count how many phes food has, so they can learn to keep track of their phes. Why is it important to keep track of the amount of phe they eat?
  3. Distribute the worksheets. Help the children work through them, as needed. Discuss their answers.
    • For each worksheet:
      • Help the children relate the number of Phoos in each food to the number of phes.
      • Which food has the most phe? ( the same food that has the most Phoos)
      • Which food has the least amount of phe? ( the food with the least amount of Phoos)




Help your child to identify different foods as either low, medium, or high in phe.


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