Toothful Story*

CONCEPT: General Nutrition



Read a story about Charlie Tooth and how he gets a cavity. Learn about how to have healthy teeth.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • state that sugary foods can lead to cavities
  • identify foods that are high in sugar



  1. Read A Toothful Story and show the characters as they appear in the story.
  2. Discuss the story with the children, with questions such as:
    • Who did Mr. Sweets send over to play with Charlie?
    • What happened when Charlie Tooth played with Susie Sucker, Patty Pop, and Gregory Gum?
    • What did Dr. Brushy and Dr. Pastey do to make Charlie feel better?
    • Which new friends did Charlie meet so he could stay a happy tooth?
    • What foods do you need to eat to stay happy like Charlie Tooth?
  3. Discuss the "Tips for Healthy Teeth" with the children. Send them home with the handout.
  4. Distribute the worksheets. Help the children complete it, as needed. Discuss their answers. Reinforce the foods that can cause cavities and some of the important aspects of good dental hygiene.




  • Discuss with your children the foods that may contribute cavities.
  • Encourage your children to have good dental hygiene, and set a good example.


*This activity is adapted from NET Nutrition Education, Choose Well, Be Well: A Curriculum Guide for the Primary Grades, California State Department of Education, 1982.

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